Possible Reasons for Cat Slapping You With Her Tail

A cat’s tail has quite a several purposes, one of which is to maintain balance (the tail helps in this function by acting like a counterbalance with the front legs). The other primary purpose of the cat’s tail is to communicate emotions to other cats; this communication can be done through tail position alone or when combined with other body language cues.

Cat’s tail is a part of the cat’s body language. They have a mind of their own and like to do things we don’t understand. One of those things is hitting us with their tails — but why?

To answer this question, we are going to look at a few of the most popular reasons. Let’s find out!

1. Showing Interest

Cats are known for their curiosity, and this desire to investigate often puts them in the way. You have probably experienced this first-hand many times as you try to put away groceries from the supermarket or fold clothes.

If you tend to shoo away your pet while you are trying to complete these tasks, your cat may be trying to signal that they want to stay nearby. They don’t want you to shoo them away when they gently tap or wrap their tail around your leg.

2. She Loves You

Possible Reasons for Cat Slapping You With Her Tail

Cats show affection in ways that are different from many other animals, especially dogs. They usually tolerate petting only for a short time and aren’t usually big cuddlers or snugglers. However, if they like you, they like to sit by you and follow you around the house but stay just out of reach.

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If your cat is sitting on the floor near you, gently thumping its tail against your leg, it may be showing affection in a way, not all that different from petting. This behavior can be a sign of deep love if your cat is trying to find a way of mimicking your affectionate behavior.

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3. Scared

Possible Reasons for Cat Slapping You With Her Tail

If your cat wraps their tail around your legs while you are investigating a room, it may be nervous and scared. Cats can wrap their tails around people’s legs when they are scared, so they feel safer. They don’t want to be picked up because they may need to run away quickly, but they want to go with you, so they wrap their tail around you for safety. But, of course, you might be going into the other room for a pencil or to answer the phone, so it seems strange to you.

4. Angry

Your cat has several ways of communicating, and one of those ways is to be annoying. For example, your cat might kick items off shelves or tear up furniture, or they may even break their litter training and use your bed or favorite chair instead. It’s also not uncommon for your cat to wait until you are sleeping to hit you in the face with its tail. They can also hit you with their tail while you are watching TV.

To prevent your cat from getting mad at you, you should find out what it is that they are upset about and correct the problem. If the cause is temporary, you will need to wait a few days for the cat’s feelings to subside.

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5. She Wants Attention

Possible Reasons for Cat Slapping You With Her Tail

When your cat continually hits you with their tail, it’s hard not to take notice. It’s possible that your pet is trying to get your attention by doing this, especially if it has worked in the past. Your cat is likely trying to communicate something with you; most likely, it wants you to supply pets or treats.

If your cat’s tail-hitting has become annoying and you think she’s trying to get your attention for treats, you can try using a toy to provide some entertainment, which may get her to stop hitting her tail.


Cats are fascinating creatures. They think and act differently than we do, which requires us cat caretakers to adjust the way we handle and deal with them. While some of the behavior listed above may irk you at times, remember that your cat’s train of thought is one that differs from your own. If you try looking at these behaviors from a cat’s perspective, it might make your life a little easier!

Even the most seasoned cat owner may never know for sure what a tail swat means. However, armed with some context for this behavioral trait, you will be better prepared to read your feline’s body language and respond accordingly. You can always leave a comment if you have any questions about your own cat’s tail swats. Good luck!