The Mystery Behind Why Your Dog Runs Away When You Give Them a Treat

Making your dog happy is a simple joy. They’re delighted with every little thing we give them, no matter how small. But have you ever noticed that when you give them something special like a treat, a bone, or a piece of meat, sometimes your dog runs away to a secluded place?

Why do they do this? Is it out of selfishness? It’s hard to believe that our dogs have even the slightest bit of selfishness running through their veins. So why does your dog run away when you give them a treat?

Don’t worry, the answer is more reassuring than you might think. To understand this behavior, let’s take a look at history. Dogs are descendants of wolves and still possess their incredible survival instinct. Even though they may be domesticated, dogs retain some of that instinct. When they receive something different, like a treat, a bone, or a piece of meat, your pet feels like they have discovered a great treasure. Naturally, they want to keep it for themselves at all costs.

This instinctive behavior doesn’t mean that they don’t trust their family. It’s simply an unconscious act driven by their primal instincts. In fact, you should be able to approach them and touch them without any problems. However, if they growl or try to bite you when you touch them, it may indicate a behavioral issue that needs attention.

For us, seeing a dog consider such an insignificant thing as a treasure may seem silly. But for the dog, it’s a truly special moment. So, let them enjoy it! Running away to protect their “prey” makes them feel strong and safe, as dogs believe that only the strongest will survive.

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Now, let’s address the question of whether it’s okay to give your dog treats. Absolutely! You can give them store-bought treats that are specially designed for dogs, some even aiding in dental care. However, remember not to overuse them. Treats shouldn’t be a staple in a dog’s diet, but rather a complement or a reward for good behavior.

When giving your dog treats, keep in mind that they should only account for a small portion of their overall diet, never exceeding 10%. It’s essential to find the right balance. While we all deserve treats, excessive indulgence can harm your pet. They might experience stomach problems, diarrhea, vomiting, or indigestion.

So, be mindful of your dog’s diet and feel free to give them treats in moderation. If you know how and when to reward your dog, your bond will strengthen immensely. Remember, your pet depends on you for everything, including their nourishment. Provide them with high-quality products, both food, and treats, to ensure their well-being.

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