Why do dogs bite their owners? Reasons and recommendations you need to know?

Why do dogs bite their owners?  Reasons and recommendations you need to know?

Why do dogs bite their owners? There are many accidents when the owner is bitten by his own dog. So what is the cause and how to prevent it? Let’s find out together with the cat and dog lovers blog.

Hello blog readers who love cats and dogs, the last 2 weeks have been very busy for me, so I haven’t been able to publish new posts for you. Today, I just had time to sit down and share with you a rather difficult problem today for many dog ​​owners, especially those who love ferocious dogs, fighting dogs…

You may not be a stranger to hunting and fighting dog breeds such as Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers… In Vietnam, many people breed these breeds not only out of passion but also for the beauty of their bodies. However, dog owners must also be experienced and strict in the training process.

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Why do dogs bite their owners?

Not long ago, Vietnam had a series of accidents when these hunting dogs attacked their owners on a street in Hanoi, the owner was bitten by dogs raised from childhood, small or many unfortunate cases when people are attacked by dogs. So what is the cause?

dog bites ownerdog bites owner

In most cases of owners attacked by dogs or dogs attacking people, the fault is human. Because?

  • Owners lack knowledge about the physiology of dogs.
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Dogs have long been considered the closest animals to humans, they also have emotions, sadness, joy, anger, resentment… If the owner treats dogs coldly and badly, they will also feel it and respond to you. Instead, a loving owner, teaches them strictly and methodically, in return, the dog will also obey and obey.

Dogs clearly recognize the owner’s affection for them and reciprocate even by sacrificing their lives.

Dogs’ exercise needs are different. There are dog breeds that are suitable for small areas, but there are breeds that don’t like it. They like to run and jump and live by instinct. Therefore, restraining with chains and padlocks will also greatly affect the psychology of dogs.

  • Characteristics of territorial defense

Dogs have an instinct to protect their territory, they protect their food and objects, so in the training process, if they are not taught, they will cause a lot of danger to society, especially ferocious breeds. .

Why do dogs bite their owners?Why do dogs bite their owners?

A mistake that we make when choosing a breed of dog to breed is to look only at appearance without looking at the health, nervous system and survival characteristics of the dog… For example, you like the Shepherd, but it is not like that . he doesn’t have the space and time for them to run every day. This causes the dog to get stuck, with no room to expend excess energy, creating psychological instability.

  • Choose an age of dog to breed

Many dog ​​owners often choose adult dogs to care for them. However, this is quite dangerous, especially for hunting dogs, ferocious dogs… Raising a dog from a young age will make it easier to create affection between the owner and the dog.

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With adult dogs, they are difficult to train because they already have enough awareness. On the other hand, before that you don’t know how the previous owner taught them.

As mentioned above, hunting and fighting dog owners need to be experienced in the training process. The wrong way of teaching can cause a lot of psychological problems for the dog.

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Some recommendations to minimize dog bites

  • Awareness and social responsibility: Dog owners must wear a muzzle when going outside, especially aggressive breeds. This is the duty and conscience that every breeder must have.

Prevent dogs from biting ownersPrevent dogs from biting owners

  • Don’t have a lot of ferocious dogs if you are not an experienced person.
  • Dog owners should be responsible for dogs, not for their whims so they don’t feel loved.
  • The owner has to be strict, with clear commands so that the dog can obey.
  • Adults need to carefully consider their health and psychology for easy care and training. You should find out why their owners are selling.

As mentioned above, most of the accidents when dogs bite their owners, other accidents happen due to their upbringing and training. Choosing adult dogs to care for is also a fallacy that leads to many unfortunate accidents. So be a smart and knowledgeable dog owner.