Why do dogs bite each other? Why do dogs become aggressive?


Many of you have sent me questions about the problem of dog bites. Although in the past, domestic dogs were “very docile.” This action is caused by many reasons. Here is the answer from the blog who loves cats and dogs.

Dogs bite each other for many reasons, it can be due to external influences, and it can also be a sign of physiological development of dog breeds. Usually, when dogs bite each other, there are several main causes.

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What makes dogs bite each other?

Dogs bite each other is a phenomenon that happens a lot, but what is the cause of this phenomenon and how to limit this situation?

Due to the development of physiology.

As dogs mature they develop physically and psychologically which causes their mood to change as well, changes in the dog’s hormones make them more aggressive. Even spayed dogs have more complex temperaments after surgery.

Dogs bite each otherDogs bite each other. internet photos

Also, adult dogs are aggressive due to genetics or characteristics of the captive species.

  • Dogs bite each other to protect the territory: This is the instinct of animals in general, when the territory is violated, they often show aggressiveness and signals to protect their living area. Any element that damages its territory, its food source, will receive growls and even threatening barks. More seriously, they will attack their enemies when they are not reciprocated.
  • Biting to compete for mates when dogs mate, this is also a sign of the dog’s physiological development. When the number of males is too large, and the females are fewer. Males bite each other to compete for a mate. They often challenge each other and show their bravery.
  • Dogs bite to protect their puppies: Mother dogs tend to protect their puppies when enemies or strangers approach. This is the reason why the mother dog has the ability to attack other dogs in order to protect the puppies.
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Due to external factors

External factors are also one of the many influences that cause the blood of these dogs. It may be due to owner training or mental shock causing psychological pressure.

  • The dog has experienced a traumatic situation, shock or mistreatment before: Abused dogs usually suffer considerable psychological shock, so these dogs can also show aggression and attack other animals.

That is why many people say that a good or bad dog depends in part on the way the owner is educated.

Why do dogs bite each other?Why do dogs bite each other?

  • Diseases that can affect a dog’s mood, such as rabies, diseases that cause mood depression will make dogs more aggressive. They can bite any animal, or even its owner. Anger makes them lose control of their behavior. Staying away from dogs with symptoms is necessary to avoid contracting rabies in dogs. It is necessary to go immediately to the medical station when being attacked by strange dogs to take the appropriate measures.

How to reduce dog bites?

The only way to prevent dogs from biting each other is to keep a close eye on your dog. Being aware of the act of wearing a muzzle is necessary to ensure the safety of people and other pets.

  • If you cannot control your dog, you should take it to professional dog training centers to be trained by experts. Especially hunting dogs, ferocious dogs…
  • Avoid contact with dogs with strange signs such as drooling, unsteady gait, uncontrollable behavior.
  • Vaccinate your dog regularly and have a healthy diet, exercise regularly to release excess energy for the dog.
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