Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet?

As you get ready to leave the house, you head towards the bathroom to grab some tissues for your pocket. But as you approach the bathroom door, you hear a little slurping sound. Curiosity piqued, you enter the bathroom only to find your furry feline friend with his rear end sticking up out of the open toilet bowl, happily drinking the toilet water. Ew! But why does he do that? Is it tasty? Is it healthy? And most importantly, is this the same mouth that gives you those adorable little kisses?

Well, the answers are yes, probably not, and yes again.

Why Do Cats Like Toilet Bowl Water?

Toilet bowl water is oddly attractive to most cats. The porcelain material of the bowl keeps the water cooler for longer periods compared to the plastic, metal, or glass water bowls we usually provide them. Cats love cool water, and even though they have become domesticated, their wild instincts and traits still persist. Running streams and deep lakes, which were once their natural sources of water, are typically cool.

Unfortunately, toilet bowls harbor many microorganisms that are not particularly healthy for cats. These bacteria can be harmful to us humans as well, especially if you have regular close contact with your cat. Furthermore, cleaning agents like bleach or commercial cleaning solutions used in toilets may be toxic to your furry friend.

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How to Deter Your Cat from Drinking Toilet Water

If you’re wondering how to prevent your cat from indulging in toilet water, here are a few ideas to try:

  • Most cats love running water. Consider investing in a pet fountain like the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. The continuous flow of fresh, clean, and oxygenated water will surely entice your cat and keep it away from the toilet bowl.
  • Change your cat’s water bowl several times throughout the day to ensure fresh, clean water.
  • Place additional water bowls in different areas of your house to give your cat more options.
  • Opt for a porcelain water bowl, which can help keep the water fresher for longer.
  • Occasionally drop a few ice cubes into the water bowl to keep the temperature cool and refreshing.
  • Last but not least, always remember to close the toilet bowl lid!

Dr. Schelling, a renowned veterinarian, offers her personal perspective on this issue. She shares that her own cats love the bathroom and enjoy spending time there. She allows them on the bathroom counter, which some may not agree with, but it’s a special bonding time for her and her feline companions. Dr. Schelling even leaves a porcelain cup of water by the sink for her cats. Not only does it serve as a mimic of drinking out of their human’s cup, but it also ensures their water is always fresh as she changes and refills it multiple times a day.

Encouraging your cats to drink more water is always a good idea, and this simple method can be seen as a special treat for them.

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