What types of Duck Hounds are there? Outstanding Features

What types of Duck Hounds are there?  Outstanding Features

The Duck Hound, also known as the Poodle, is a popular dog breed around the world. They have a good appearance and a friendly personality.

What is a duck hunting dog?

You already know the Duck Hound or more commonly known as the Poodle. It is a hunting dog used to hunt poultry in the wild, mainly ducks. So far they have been bred into a companion dog with a cute appearance, impressive coat and elk.

The Duck Hound is distinguished by its cute appearance and friendly personality.The Duck Hound is distinguished by its cute appearance and friendly personality.

Regarding the origin of the Duck Hound, there is still no exact information. Only about 400 years ago they were kept as pets in Western Europe. Explain that the name Poodle comes from the German word “Pudel,” which means “diver” or “wader.” In France, they are also bred to perform in the circus, prominently with the art of the born “Poodle”.

In addition to the Poodle, the Duck Hunt is also known by many other names such as Poodle, French Poodle, Teddy Poodle, Chien Canne, Teacup Poodle, etc. With his good looks, long curly coat, intelligent and efficient personality. They are increasingly becoming a favorite dog breed around the world, including in Vietnam.

Characteristics of the Scenthound and the Duck

You have probably come across photos of duck hunting dogs several times. However, you do not fully understand this breed of dog, from appearance characteristics to personality. Don’t miss the article, let’s find out more details here.

The cute appearance of the Duck Hound

The Poodle is a medium sized dog, the length of the body is almost approximately the height of the shoulder. Some of the most common size information is 45-50cm (large), 35-45cm (medium), or 28-35cm (mini).

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Appearance The poodle has the following exceptional characteristics: Long, erect ears; wavy coat; 4 balanced legs; oval feet; full buttocks; firm thighs, etc. In particular, the gait of duck hunting dogs is very smooth, agile and slightly bouncy.

The Duckhound’s skin color usually matches the coat color. The coat of this breed of dog resembles human hair, growing over time, not changing as much as many other breeds. This makes them easy to raise in apartments, families with young children, etc.

Here are some of their common coat colors: black, white, reddish brown, gray fur, dairy cow, cream, chocolate, etc. Poodles with blue-gray, smoky-gray colors are very rare and expensive.

Describe personality traits

The duck hunting dog breed is extremely cute, suitable for young children as well as the elderly and especially busy people. They are very docile and easy to train. Let’s take a look at the outstanding personality traits of this breed:

  • Loyal
  • Easy to learn, smart and agile
  • Active, fun and plays a lot with people
  • Kind and lively
  • Does not like strangers or takes time to get used to
  • Sometimes he is also irritable and barks a lot

Currently, the poodle is ranked as the most intelligent dog breed. Therefore, if you intend to raise an uncle, teaching and training will be quite easy. However, their intelligence can sometimes become stubborn.

Classification of duck dogs

The standard poodle has a strong body and a large sizeThe standard poodle has a strong body and a large size

Currently, duck hunting dogs are classified into 4 main types (according to size criteria):

  • Small poodle: the maximum height is about 20 cm, the weight is 2-3 kg.
  • Toy Poodle: Maximum height reaches about 25 cm when standing, weight 3-5 kg.
  • Miniature Poodle: Larger, measuring around 40 cm and weighing up to 9 kg.
  • Standard Poodle: Their average height is around 40 to 60 cm. However, the weight can be up to 20-35 kg.
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Duck hunting dog prices in the market

Wondering how much a duck hunting dog costs? It depends on the size, origin and color of the coat.

The price of Poodle puppies ranges from 5 to more than 80 million VNDThe price of Poodle puppies ranges from 5 to more than 80 million VND

First, about the origin:

  • The price of the domestic poodle breed is from 4.5 to about 18.5 million VND.
  • Dogs imported from Thailand cost 7-10 million VND (market dogs) and 13-20 million VND (bred in reputable dog farms) or individually up to 40-50 million VND.
  • Seeds imported from European and American countries cost 50-80 million VND.

Second, about feather size and color:

  • Poodle Tiny with red, black, white, cream and chocolate colors costs around 6-8 million VND.
  • Gray Poodle Tiny has a higher selling price, ranging from 9 to 10 million VND/child.
  • The poodle toy type with red-brown, chocolate, cream, black and white colors costs 5-7 million.
  • Gray Poodle Toy costs around 18-20 million VND.
  • Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle dogs have prices ranging from 4 to 14 million VND.

Additionally, there are a few things you should also note when raising baby poodles:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to bathing and regular care of the dog’s coat.
  • Trim his fur to avoid stabbing his eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
  • Systematic vaccination and regular deworming for dogs.
  • Pay attention to the puppy’s diet and nutritional supplements every day, periodic health checks.

Hopefully recent information about the chocan has helped readers better understand the duck hunting dog breed. If you intend to buy and breed duck hunting dogs, choose a breed bred with stable, quality health and a complete health record.