What kind of fish is the Copper Lia Thia? How to breed a bronze sea fish


When it comes to the name of the fish, you probably had a pretty intense childhood playing fish, such as the Siamese, Siamese, and Bass. They are really attractive hobbies for those of the 7x to 9x era. At this time, the ornamental fish market in our country does not have many varieties of fish, and the fish is a name that is hunted by many people, both for ornamental purposes and for collecting fighting fish.

To this day, the field lily remains a fancy hobby that many aquarists pursue. In this article, let’s go through some memories of water lily fish and also how to breed this fish.

About Dong Lia Thia fish


The Lia Thia Dong is known by many other names such as Co-tail and Paradise fish. This fish has the scientific name Macropodus opercularis. They are freshwater fish, belonging to the order of the sea bass, the family of giant fish.

Definition of sardines and everything you need to know

Lia Thia Dong fish is native to countries such as Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea. In Vietnam, this fish lives mainly in ponds, lakes, and rice fields.

In the wild, the Lia Thia Dong fish lives mainly in low-water environments and in coastal wilderness areas. This fish also prefers pools of standing water near rivers, streams, or drains in rice fields.

The sea bream (also known as sea bream) is a breed that is usually caught in the natural environment such as fields, ditches, canals… Nowadays, the number of cicadas has been drastically reduced due to the influence of pesticides and chemical products used in the agriculture. they are quite hard to find

The reason people add the word copper after their name is to emphasize that these fish are wild caught, they are very wild and some aquarists often like their wild and rustic shape.

Because this is a common name that people give to the fish, in the process of learning about this fish, there are two types of pangasius: the southern (western) bream and the southern (western) bream in the central regions. and north.

Differences between pangasius in different regions

To southerners, people use the name pangasius to refer to the Siamese or Siamese hybrid in the wild.

Cali-thia-ruongsouth panga

However, cobia in the Central and North is often used to refer to the spotted marlin or by another name, the paradise fish.

Although they have similar names, the shape and breed of fish in these two areas are completely different.

Ca-lia-thia-dong-mien-bac.northern water lily fish

brass fish appearance


Unlike Siamese that have been domesticated or bred and are well cared for, which have a rather large and fat body, Siamese are much more “modest” in size, sometimes as small as 1/2 compared to Thai Siamese. .



This fish usually has a maximum size of about 4 -5cm and is already considered a “king fish”, it is quite difficult to find a bigger fish of that size.

The fin and tail of the Siamese catfish have similarities to the Siamese fish in that the fins and tail are usually short and have two flags under the abdomen.

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The main color of the cobra is ebony black or dark blue. On the body of the fish it usually has two long black stripes from the head to the tail (but when the fish has more colors, you will hardly see these two stripes).

The special color feature of the Vietnamese pangasius in comparison with the Siamese is the color of the fish’s tail, fins, and pearls on its body.

Tail Color: Brass fish will have shiny veins spreading out in a fan shape, on the edge of the tail there will be a black border to highlight its color.

The color of the upper fins: it will usually be brown, silver or blue, on the fins there are black spots that look like leopard skin, which is quite flattering.

According to folklore, depending on the purity of the fish, the pearls in them can be more or less, but in addition, it also depends on the genetic resources as well as the development conditions of the fish.

The fish known as lia dragon will have a shiny body part that looks like a dragon scale and is very beautiful.

Brass Sea Fish Features


This is a fish that was born and raised in the wild, with the characteristics of wild animals being able to adapt well to many harsh living conditions. These fish are fast swimmers and have good health and stamina.

Thanks to environmental factors, the sea bream has a wild and quite aggressive behavior, so when it is brought to fight with fish, it will do so quite aggressively. Perhaps because of this feature, to this day, people still go hunting with large, strong bodies to fight fish and brush up on the elegant pleasures of the old days.

Definition of sardines and everything you need to know

reproductive habits

Like other fish, cobia reproduce by laying eggs. Their eggs adhere to the foam nest and hatch in 48-96 hours. At this time, the male will be in charge of laying the eggs and frying. Please note that during the breeding process, it is necessary to supplement nutrients and fresh or cold food.

What breeds are there?


According to the information from the Vietnam aquarium forum, this wild lia fish can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Blue Gill Lily – This fish is often found in areas like Kien Giang, Phu Quoc, Soc Trang, Hau Giang.

  • Red-gill lily fish: This fish can be found in fields, ditches and ditches in provinces such as Cu Chi, Long An, Tay Ninh, Dong Thap, Binh Phuoc

  • Brooder Bream – This group of fish can be found in provinces such as Tay Ninh, Cu Chi, Long An, Phu Quoc, and Tien Giang.

Each species of water lily in each area has its own characteristics and good things that only aquarists who are really passionate, research and explore can see.

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Some aquarists also think that redfin is usually a purebred, bluefin is a fish that has been crossed with a Siamese or another breed. Others attribute different species of fish to regional varieties and this is still debated to this day.

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Furthermore, you can also divide it into northern and southern fish as mentioned in the article above.

How to take care of field fish




Because it has lived in harsh natural environments, this fish is very easy to feed. Some common foods such as bran, atemia, larvae, etc. can be fed depending on the development stage of the fish.

When the fish is 1-2 months old, you should feed it natural, powdered food, such as eggs or hard-boiled egg yolks. The fish should be kept in small ceramic pots in places with medium light. In the pot, you should also add more algae and duckweed so that the fry have a place to cling and cover.

After the fish is older than 2 months, you can feed it larger foods, such as larvae, or live shellfish, such as shrimp and prawns. At 3-5 months old and about the size of a finger, you can separate the group to prevent the fish from fighting and causing body damage.

After 5-6 months, you can breed fish separated from the pot, 15-20 cm in size and 10-15 cm in diameter. Fish at this stage can eat synthetic food.

Usually in a day you feed the fish about 2 times, it’s okay, in the morning you give a little more, and in the evening you feed half in the morning.

culture pond


Like other fighting fish, there is no need for a lot of space to live. You can fully use as a seawater bottle, a medium-sized plastic box or a 10cmx10cm square tank design so that the fish can grow comfortably.

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In the lake you can add gravel or 1-2 strands of algae to decorate your eyes and it doesn’t need to be too cumbersome.

Change the pond water


When changing the aquarium water, you should not change the water completely because the fish may get electric shock, some weak fish may die.

If you want safe water, collect a sufficient amount of water and leave it in the sun for about a day to remove all chlorine from the water. Then collect some of the water in the old tank (about 1/3 l) and take the fish with the old water.

Then clean out the old tank, put the new water that it has basked in, then put the fish and the old water in the tank, and the fish will be more accustomed to the new aquatic environment.

What is the price of Pangasius fish?


The price of lia thia is not too high compared to many other varieties of fish.

You can easily own a bream priced at around VND 15,000 – VND 20,000 for a common bream that has just been caught, not separated and not colored yet.

However, this breed is often left to aquarists to buy for collection or as an ornamental, fighting is the main thing, so in order to buy beautiful fish, there is no specific price range for each type.

Collectible Blue Gills and Red Gills, the price can range from tens to several hundred thousand depending on how the seller and buyer deal with each other.

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Of course, when choosing to buy fish, you should also go directly to the place of sale to choose healthy fish to buy and farm.

The article has shared with the readers the most detailed information about water lily fish, as well as the best way to breed this fish. I hope the above information is helpful to you.