What is Uyen Uong Grouper? Features and maintenance

What is Uyen Uong Grouper?  Features and maintenance

Platypus is one of the most popular types of groupers with Small Ornamental Fish customers. Mudua cuong has appeared in the fish market for a long time and is chosen by many aquarists. Especially those who are new to aquatic life. Let’s find out what characteristics this fish should choose

What is Uyen Uong grouper fish?

The English name is Sunset flaty. They are native to Mexico and Central America. They are known to be beautiful aquarium fish with yellow bodies and orange tails that stand out like the afternoon sunset. The fish is healthy and very easy to breed, so it is chosen by many aquarists for the aquarium. We will often see this fish sold in major aquarium stores.

Detailed Characteristics of Grouper Fish

  • English name: Sunset flaty
  • Scientific name: Xiphophorus maculatus
  • Family: Poeciliidae
  • Origin: Mexico and Central America
  • The lovebird has a yellow body and an orange tail that sticks out like the sunset. It is also a feature that attracts its aquarists
  • Size of adult fish: 4 to 6 cm long, short and robust body, broad and strong caudal fin. Females are generally lighter in color and have larger bellies than males.
  • Diet: They are omnivores of commercially processed foods and algae, as well as dried worms, bran, and boron.
  • Compatibility: The platypus is temperate, so it can live with other fish. The ratio of male to female fish is 1/2 or 3 to prevent the female from being disturbed by the male.
  • Reproduction: The platypus is alive and fertile at the age of three to four months. The males are smaller, more colorful than the females and are distinguished by their gonads. After 1.5 months of gestation, they will give birth to an average of 20 to 30 fry. Fry can grow well in an aquarium, as long as they have room to hide.
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How to raise Uyen Uong Groupers

The grouper will bring a splash of color to the aquarium and they are easy to maintain. These characteristics make them an excellent fish for beginners and basic aquarists. Grouper requires a tank of at least 10 gallons and is densely planted with hardy plants like Java Fern and Java Moss. The grouper is a very peaceful fish and makes a great addition to a freshwater community aquarium.

Mode of reproduction of grouper Uyen Uong:

The Uyen Uong grouper is a live fish and is able to spawn at three to four months of age. The males are smaller, more colorful than the females and are distinguished by their gonads. Fry can grow well in an aquarium, as long as they have room to hide

Uyen Uong grouper is omnivorous, feeding on commercially prepared foods and seaweed, as well as dried worms, bran, brine shrimp, bo bo…

How much does grouper fish cost?

You are probably also wondering, how much does grouper cost? Currently, the price of this fish listed in Small Cay is 5000 VND/fish

This is considered the lowest price on the market and is available in bulk at the store

Customers can directly contact a fish shop in Hanoi or a shop in Ho Chi Minh City – a cheap fish address to find out the exact price of this fish.

Referring to a place that sells platypus at a good price or wanting to buy sea bream delivered to your home, you don’t have to go far or waste time looking anywhere. Small Ornamental Fish is still confident with its 10 years of experience in the aquarium industry. Moreover, the incentives, the after-sales service and the extremely attractive warranty policy will surely satisfy all the customers who come to us.

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Grouper is a safe and easy choice for aquarists. Especially for new players, this fish is a choice not to be overlooked.