What is the lifespan of a cat? How to calculate the age of a simple pet cat

What is the lifespan of a cat?  How to calculate the age of a simple pet cat

What is the lifespan of a cat? And how to calculate the age of a pet cat is very simple, which is the theme Blog love dogs and cats will send you. Let’s read it and “carry” it and install it on the sleeping Boss in the corner of the house.

As you all know, our Miu Bosses cannot live forever with humans, depending on the breed of cat or the loving care of each SEN. cat life expectancy also change According to some statistics, cats have an average life of 15 to 17 years. There are even many bosses who live up to 25 years.

For humans, 25 is the most resilient and energetic youth, but for cats at this age, they are too old and exhausted. Unlike the human age, a cat’s lifespan is calculated differently.

Cat maturation cycle at each stage

Perhaps many of the SEN who read this article will have experienced the feeling of seeing the Boss grow and feel happy to see them healthy every day. Perhaps many SEN do not know that the cat’s life cycle is divided into 9 main stages

  • The first 5 to 12 days: time for cats to open their eyes and begin to acclimate to their surroundings
  • Days 15-20: The cats can crawl around the house and begin to explore everything around them.
  • 3-4 weeks old: The cat chews, gnaws on the food, and begins to follow the mother cat’s habits, such as cleaning in the litter bowl.
  • Beyond 6 weeks of age: Cats can eat the mother’s pellets and wean themselves. They begin to learn to explore everything around them on a higher level. Go further, play more.
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The lifespan of the cat is tracked through the life cycle.The lifespan of the cat is tracked through the life cycle.

  • 6 months: cats start teething and can live independently of their mother.
  • 9 months – over 1 year: Female cats may show signs of heat and begin their birth cycle. If the SEN do not want the Boss to reproduce, they can be spayed or neutered to keep the cat healthy and prevent diseases related to the genital system. This is very important.

Many Sen think that spaying and neutering cats is not good and they feel guilty. Believe it or not, spaying and neutering is an extremely necessary job if you don’t have a long-term need to breed cats. Also, by doing this, it also helps your cat not leave the house, SEN.

  • From 6 to 8 years: cats are also aging and starting to slow down. Some children are also obese. The teeth are gradually stained.
  • >12 years: older and weaker cats. Cats at this stage seem more wobbly, eat less. Cats need to eat foods that are easy to digest.
  • From 15 to 16 years. Cat limits. At this stage, cats are prone to diseases related to the heart, liver, lungs… and are extremely weak. The oldest cat in the world is 32 years old. That is a record number.

A simple way to calculate the age of a cat according to the human reference system

Cat People
1 month = 1 year
2 months = 3 years
3 months = 5 years
6 months = 9 years
8 months = 13 years
12 months = 18 years
18 months = 20 years
2 years = 23 years
3 years = 28 years
4 years = 32 years
5 years = 36 years
(…+1) years = (…+4) years
19 years = 92 years
20 years = 96 years

It can be seen that based on the reference system of the age of cats to human ages, a cat that lives 20 years can be equal to a human that lives 96 years. Although this case is extremely rare because its lifespan of up to 15 years is already rare.

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Furthermore, the lifespan of a cat also depends on the breed of the cat and how well it is cared for. With good care, the cats can live up to 32 years as the confirmed record cat.

How to calculate the age of a cat?How to calculate the age of a cat?

There are also some ways to predict the age of cats through physical characteristics or their daily habits, such as teeth and eyes, but this is only a relative estimate of a cat’s lifespan. This is not entirely correct.

How to care to increase the life of your cat

In order for your cat to be healthy and live long, you must provide it with a wholesome diet. A reasonable diet suitable for domestic cats at each stage is extremely necessary. At each stage, cats have a different level of food consumption and physical characteristics.

Cat lifespan and how to care for it to increase its lifespanCat lifespan and how to care for it to increase its lifespan

For example, teething cats need to be supplemented with adequate nutrition and, above all, their food should not be too solid.

  • Fully vaccinated for domestic cats. Some viral diseases can kill your cat if you don’t get vaccinated, such as feline leukopenia, which kills millions of cats each year.
  • Regular exercise is the best way to control your cat’s weight. Obese cats have a shorter life expectancy than cats of adequate weight. Exercise also helps cats to reduce many diseases related to the heart, the digestive system…
  • Cats often suffer from sore eyes, so wipe and clean them.
  • Cats are animals that need human attention and care. So if you have decided to keep a cat for a long time. You must spend time playing and caring for them.

You can refer to the article “Cat Knowledge” for more details on the diseases and instructions on how to properly care for cats.

Don’t leave cats as “backdrops”, don’t take some selfies without taking responsibility for them. Playing will help cats live longer. Psychological comfort will help cats become friends for 1/3 of your life. Please appreciate that 4 legged friend.