What is the correct way to bathe a cat? How often to bathe a cat?

What is the correct way to bathe a cat?  How often to bathe a cat?

How to bathe a cat is a question that many, many SEN ask. Cats are animals that are afraid of water, if you don’t use tricks, it is extremely difficult to take the Boss to the bathroom.

let’s explore with us how to bathe a cat Take care at home baby.

Practice bathing kittens from the start

Let your cat get used to the bathroom from a young age, so that when it grows up it can easily come into contact with water. Once you get used to the water, bathing your cat is very easy. Growing up, according to the characteristics of cats, they are afraid of water and have a feeling of insecurity when their owners take them to bathe. Therefore, when you are an adult, bathing your cat requires more effort.

Bathe the kittens from the moment they are picked upBathe the kittens from the moment they are picked up. internet photos

Gently expose the kitten to warm water during the first bath. Note: When picking up kittens and vaccinating them, do not bathe them right away, wait 2-3 weeks before bathing.

Beside cat bath, you should also pay attention to potty training the cat when you welcome the baby to a new home. Here are 2 ways to potty train cats in the right place, compiled by a dog-loving blog that guarantees 100% success. You can check the article: How to teach cats to go to the bathroom in the right place, teach cats to defecate in the bathroom

Choose a reasonable time to bathe your cat

Choose the time when you feel most comfortable, the average temperature is suitable for bathing. Perhaps when your cat is about to sleep is the best time to put him in the bathroom. When they are sleepy, they don’t even react to SEN’s actions.

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get ready to fight

Fighting with BOSS in the process of body hygiene requires you to prepare your personal belongings seriously. BOSS can use all tricks and tools against you, claws are deadly weapon that you should stay away from. Therefore, before bathing him you should cut his sharp nails to prevent him from bleeding.

Properly prepare the cat's bathing suitProperly prepare your cat’s bathing suit. ST photo

Also, you should use a specialized brush to minimize shedding before bathing to help speed up the bathing process and reduce soaking time in water, preventing the cat from catching a cold.

Properly prepare the cat’s bathing suit

  • Bath water: You should prepare water at a medium temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Hot water can irritate cats. Please note that the water in the bathtub should not be too full, but only at the level of the lower abdomen of the cat. Depending on the size of the cat, large or small, you must prepare the appropriate bath water for its body.
  • Use a medium shower, avoid rinsing directly on the body too often, this makes them fearful and unsafe when bathing. Especially when pouring water on the head, it is recommended to cover the cat’s ears with your hands to prevent water from entering the ears causing discomfort and making it feel threatened.

Pay attention when bathing the catBe careful when bathing your cat. Photo: Internet

  • space in the zone cat bath you need to keep tidy. It is best to have an empty space, you must clean all the furniture such as mirrors, vases, shower door frames so as not to scare the cat.
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According to some shared knowledge between cats and dogs, to relieve stress, you should talk to cats gently, praise them, or do whatever action makes them feel safe. Avoiding loud noises, yelling, and threats will only make the situation more difficult to control.

A trick when bathing your cat is to place a towel or mat in the bathtub and let the cat bathe on it. Slippery surfaces like bathtubs or bathtubs scare away cats. This makes them feel more secure with their owners. Prepare to get wet because the cat will jump at you and latch on, bite.

Tips for bathing catsTips cat bath. internet photos

Do not use human shower gel for use on cats because human bath milk contains active ingredients that are harmful to cats’ skin and cause their skin to lose moisture.

Use low noise wipes and dryers to dry

Dry the cat’s hair with a dry towel, when using the dryer, place cotton in the cat’s ears to prevent the noise of the dryer from causing panic. 100% of cats hate the sound of the dryer and panic when they hear this noise. Therefore, you should limit the use of a hair dryer to dry your cat’s fur.

How often to bathe a cat?

Cat owners should not be too abusive cat bath. This will make their skin dry and scientists recommend bathing cats only every 6 weeks and bathing them a lot in case they are too dirty and have been exposed to the muddy environment outside.

How often to bathe a cat?How often to bathe a cat. internet photos

It is recommended to dry the hair so that our cats avoid dangerous skin diseases.

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