What Is Fetch?

Fetch allows you to earn points for every receipt that you upload and redeem them for gift cards. In certain locations and promotions, additional points may also be earned by shopping at particular shops.

Start today by snapping a picture of your receipt – Fetch will automatically identify any relevant partner products and reward you accordingly!

Earn cash back on your purchases

Fetch rewards you for shopping any store by offering gift cards when you scan a receipt. The app is completely free to download and use, with no hidden fees; your earned points can be redeemed for Amazon eGift Cards or VISA PrePaid Debit Cards – with social media contests offering massive giveaways of thousands of points! Plus, receipts from any retailer including online purchases can also be uploaded directly into Fetch!

This app has partnered with over 350 of America’s most iconic brands and provides extra points when you purchase their products. These offers will automatically appear in your account when the app detects it on a receipt. Plus, when referring friends and family to it you both earn bonus points — for every friend referred they will both earn 2,000!

Though the app is free for consumers, its business model relies on selling user data to big brands for use in improving products. Some users may feel uncomfortable with this model; therefore, it is wise to read its privacy policy thoroughly before making your decision on whether or not to use this application.

Earn points by scanning receipts that contain merchant names, purchase dates, and amounts spent. In addition to standard coupons, the Discover tab also provides more lucrative offers that change regularly – these may even be limited-time or seasonal offers!

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Scan your receipts

The Fetch app allows you to scan any printed receipt and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards from brands and retailers partnered with it. As more receipts are submitted, more points you’ll earn; you may even refer friends for extra rewards!

Start today by downloading and creating an account with Fetch app! After providing an email address, phone number, and password – you’re off to earning points by using this app while shopping at stores!

Once logged in, you can explore current offers on the home screen as well as search for brands of interest by typing their names into the search bar. Finally, choose an offer which best meets your requirements.

Receipts from grocery stores, restaurants, pet stores, home improvement stores, clubs and even general retail can be uploaded directly into Fetch! Your receipt should include details such as store name, items purchased, date and total amount as well as not being stained or crinkled. Once uploaded it will take the Fetch team up to 72 hours to validate it; any invalid receipts will result in an error message being displayed as well as not receiving points.

Redeem your points

Fetch offers an expansive list of partners and gift card choices, some available instantly upon downloading the app and others requiring special codes or promotions. Fetch can also be combined with cash-back apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 to maximize savings during shopping trips while earning rewards!

This app can be used for both online and in-store shopping as long as a linked payment method is used. After scanning receipts, the app will display all eligible items with their associated points value; additionally, any applicable coupons may also be displayed along with discounts based on shopping patterns and location.

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Make extra points using Fetch referral codes! Each friend you refer will earn you 2,000 points towards reaching the monthly maximum reward amount. In addition, using this app to track spending helps with budgeting!

Fetch Rewards app is free to download and use, however it’s important that you register using a unique email address in order to prevent hackers from accessing your personal data and taking your rewards away. Furthermore, be sure to scan receipts regularly.

Connect with friends

Fetch Rewards is a free app that enables users to accumulate reward points by scanning receipts. Once acquired, these points can then be redeemed for gift cards or other items. In addition to this feature, there’s also social features such as a leaderboard that shows who saved most over each month! Ideal for people with competitive instincts!

Fetch can help you earn extra points by connecting your Amazon account and email to it, enabling it to periodically scan e-receipts for offers eligible for Fetch rewards. Furthermore, participating in surveys or using GoodRx coupons to earn points will bring additional points your way. Furthermore, Fetch also offers an incentive program of 100 to 500 bonus points when friends sign up using your referral code!

Fetch partners with brands such as General Mills and Huggies to provide exclusive loyalty rewards that are only available to club members. It also offers other discounts and special offers, including monthly giveaways of Visa gift cards valued up to $1,000!

Fetch launched their debit card, called Fetch Pay, in 2020 to give users an easy way to maximize grocery savings and earn points by shopping at participating retailers. It works like any Mastercard-branded prepaid debit card and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted – an effective way for shoppers to save on grocery expenses!