What is expensive about the blue-eyed Russian cat?

What is expensive about the blue-eyed Russian cat?

Russian blue-eyed catRussian blue cat or simply called Russian cat, a breed of cat with characteristic blue eyes, full of ghosts and charms, not only that, they are also very affectionate and gentle but never show cuteness, whining like many other cat breeds. This is a great pet for those who love quiet or like to live on their own.

The origin of the Russian blue-eyed cat or Russian blue cat

As its name suggests, this feline breed originated in Russia, was discovered by British explorers at the end of the 19th century and brought to the London feline exhibition in 1875, here thanks to its blue eyes, attracting them has caught the attention of visitors from The exhibition. Not long after that, they were widely bred, became famous far and wide, and were recognized by the world cat association in the 1800s.

Characteristics of the shape of a Russian cat with blue eyes.

Although only medium in size, the Russian Blue-Eyed Cat has a strong, toned body with long flexible legs, perhaps for this reason it loves to run, jump and climb, it is not as lazy as many other cat breeds.

The Russian blue-eyed cat has a slightly small head in comparison with the size of the body, and at the same time 2 pointed ears, set far apart and rather large in comparison with the head. This causes their heads to often be compared to those of cobras, bringing a very rare and unique beauty to the Russian Blue cat breed.

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The impressive feature of this cat is that it possesses special mysterious blue eyes, the color of the eyes will become darker and darker over time.

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If you do not pay attention to the eyes, the Russian blue cat does not differ from other British shorthair cats, it also has a short, thick and soft coat. The reason their coat is short is because in the early days when this cat breed was introduced to the US, cat lovers crossed British shorthairs with Scandinavian cats to produce Russian Blue cats.

Although there are similarities, the fur of the Russian blue-eyed cat has only one color, blue-gray, not as rich as that of the British cat, but thanks to the texture of the iridescent silver hair, combined with ghost blue eyes, it is charming, giving them an extremely beautiful appearance, bright but very powerful.

Personality characteristics of Russian cats with blue eyes.

With an aristocratic appearance, the Russian blue-eyed cat is not annoying, difficult to approach, not at all “playful”, it is a super tame breed of cat, quite calm, gentle, affectionate and very charming. In addition, they are very shy, they will be mistrustful with strangers, and only with owners or people they are used to caressing or caressing.

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They are always attached, meek, rarely angry, destructive and above all always next to their owner, but they do not ask for caresses or flattery, they are understanding cats, and very affectionate, they are a friend to share joys and sorrows. This deserves to be a great companion for lovers of silence and solitude.

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How to care for a Russian blue cat

The life expectancy of the Russian blue-eyed cats is quite high, if they are well cared for they can live from 10 to 15 years.

Russian blue-eyed cats are quite easy to eat, especially they are very gluttonous, so you should pay attention to feed them a sufficient amount of food to avoid the risk of obesity.

Russian blue-eyed cats also have very thick, soft fur, so they will shed a lot each moulting season. Therefore, you need to spread out his coat and wash it regularly.

Price of Russian cats in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the number of Russian cats is very low, not as common as British Longhair, British Shorthair or Persian breeds, so the price usually ranges from 10-15 million depending on the characteristics of each cat. . as well as market needs.

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For Russian blue-eyed cats imported from abroad, the price is very high, up to several thousand dollars. Although this breed of cats is found in Russia, it is in the UK that Russian blue-eyed cats develop the most, breed the most and become the standard for this breed. The current price of a Russian Blue cat imported from the UK, with full papers and pedigree, is around $2,000, equivalent to VND 44 million.

One point to note is that the price of an imported Russian blue-eyed cat for breeding (price fluctuates around $2,000) is very different than that of a neutered cat, bred for the purpose of being a pet before being released from the cage (about $400). . Therefore, you should consider the purpose of breeding a Russian blue-eyed cat in order to choose an appropriate cat.