What is canine flu? 5 Signs of Dog Flounder Disease and How to Treat It

What is canine flu?  5 Signs of Dog Flounder Disease and How to Treat It

What is canine flu? This is one of many common diseases. When a dog is sick, there are often many recognizable signs. If not treated in time, it can be life-threatening. Is there a solution to treat canine flu?

The transmission route of tapeworms (cats)

As you probably know, cats and dogs are very mischievous animals, often interacting and playing with their human companions or eating food along the way. This is the main source of tapeworm infection. When parasites in the intestines of infected dogs and cats often lay eggs, the eggs continue to be excreted in the feces. Other dogs that eat or come into contact with feces on the ground or grass will become ill.

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Another route of transmission is through animal vectors. Fluke eggs, after leaving the environment, will go into the water or into the body of parasites such as frogs, frogs, fleas, etc. When dogs and cats eat them, they will contract flukes.

5 signs of tapeworm disease

  • Kittens and cats are generally more susceptible to tapeworms due to their mischievous instincts, curiosity, and enjoyment of new things. The most common sign is anorexia, loss of appetite, or lack of appetite when healthy.
  • In addition to anorexia, the dog also showed signs of vomiting. This may be a manifestation of tapeworms and roundworms.
  • Puppies with frequent and prolonged diarrhea, bloody stools are also considered signs of illness.
  • The stool contains many white tapeworm segments, shaped like a small grain of rice. If you have detected these signs, you should take the dog to the veterinary center to have it dewormed.
  • Abnormally enlarged abdomen or midsection, dull coat, or irritated skin are also very likely to have worms in your dog.
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In addition to the 5 most common signs mentioned above, canine cysticercosis also manifests as a cough in dogs. When you see a dog cough in an unusual way. You should also think about the symptoms of worms.

A change in the dog’s behavior, such as irritability, agitation, often anal itching, is also a warning that your dog may have a worm infection.

How to Effectively Treat Dog Flu

  • When you notice one of the above signs, you should deworm your dog immediately or, to be sure of the dog’s disease status, take him to a medical facility for intestinal tests and analysis. You can also deworm your dog when it’s time or realize when it’s been a while since you dewormed your dog.
  • Depending on the type of worm, different specific drugs are used. In order to choose the right drug, it is necessary to consult with experienced people, veterinarians. For example: Some dewormers for dogs that we suggest are Fenbendazole… to treat roundworms and hookworms, Epsiprantel to kill tapeworms…

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Different types of worms and flukes have different uses and dosages. The best way is to consult with experts, veterinarians for the most detailed instructions.

The treatment of worms in dogs is really necessary, it is better when there are clear symptoms, treatment should be started as soon as possible to avoid intestinal obstructions, damage to the heart… canine network.

How to prevent canine flu

  • Take your dog for regular checkups, by running tests, doctors can easily detect whether the dog is infected with worms or not. When infected, the fluke larvae need some time to develop in the dog’s body, so symptoms at this stage are often not apparent or even absent.
  • Follow a clean diet. Eating and drinking boiling water is essential. Avoid letting your dog eat raw meat.
  • Regularly bathe the dog and clean the dog’s and cat’s place, especially utensils and cages to prevent the development of fluke larvae.
  • Do not allow dogs to come into contact with pathogens, let dogs and cats run loose in high risk areas.
  • Kill hosts that are often parasites of trematodes such as fleas, frogs… Currently on the market there are many products that can help you prevent fleas very effectively, such as collars against ticks, lice and fleas. …
  • The best way is to deworm the dog quarterly, annually depending on the state of the dog or the area where the dog lives.
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