What is Aquatic Drift? Basic knowledge for driftwood beginners

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Anyone who starts playing with aquatic life knows the necessary materials such as aquatic driftwood But what kind of aquatic driftwood will bring good results and how to use it correctly, let’s follow the article below.

What is the definition of aquatic driftwood?

Aquatic driftwood (aquatic driftwood, also known as aquatic bonsai) is the part of the trunk and stump that has been completely worn away by the impact of water from rivers, streams, seas, lakes, leaving only the hard infinite core and can not be termites, even can not burn. After a long period of wear, the aquatic driftwood naturally acquires a beautiful shape.

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What is the effect of aquatic driftwood?

The aquatic driftwood after being purchased is used by many aquarists as a decoration for the aquarium by imaginatively attaching to the rock to create natural bonsai trees. Additionally, the driftwood also helps create a place for other creatures to hide.

Aquatic driftwood still has a very natural beauty of mountains and forests, each type of driftwood will have its own characteristics, so players who are passionate about aquatic life first want to have a beautiful piece of aquatic driftwood. Each type of driftwood will have a different design and structure, so do your research before buying.

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The most common aquatic driftwoods used for aquariums today are driftwoods that are able to sink on their own and do not discolor when soaked in water. Water driftwood makes people feel close to nature, and also symbolizes people’s willpower, energy and unwavering spirit, even if they have to endure many hardships, they should not back down. Like driftwood, despite hard impacts, driftwood retains a stronger, stronger core.

Structure and classification of aquatic driftwood

Structure of aquatic driftwood

The driftwood has an extremely simple structure because only the core of the wood has been worn away, so the design of the driftwood is special and attractive. This is also the reason why driftwood is commonly used in aquariums.

Classification of aquatic driftwood

2 kinds:

Industrial Aquatic Driftwood: Man-made by processing the body and shell is not really called driftwood.

Natural aquatic driftwood is the remnant of a plant that has died due to the process of water erosion. Natural driftwood can be found anywhere in nature such as forests, rivers, streams, seas, lakes…, over a period of time driftwood will have different sizes and designs. .

How to treat aquatic driftwood before use?  Beautiful driftwood

When placed in an aquarium, aquatic driftwood may sink to the bottom or float to the surface. For floating aquatic driftwoods, you can drag them to the bottom by attaching them to heavy objects such as rocks, gravel, etc.

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Rhododendron Driftwood

Rhododendron driftwood has a very nice, strong and shiny wood grain, this type usually sinks after being placed in the aquarium from 24 hours to several weeks depending on the size of the driftwood.

Driftwood Azalea – Aqua Thanh Xuan

Rhododendron driftwood is yellow, after soaking in water for a while, the driftwood will turn dark as shown.

The disadvantage of this type of driftwood is that initially when put in the aquarium it is very oily.

The advantage is to easily shape the layout of the aquarium.

Fir driftwood

Fir driftwood is a type of driftwood that is often used in semi-terrain and aquatic tanks for beginners. Fir driftwood is popular due to its natural shape, variety of sizes, and ease of sinking in water.

Fir driftwood

The special thing about fir driftwood is that it sinks almost as soon as it is placed in the aquarium, but this type will melt into the tank water when soaked for a long time.

Cons: Fir driftwood fades in water, so be diligent in changing the water regularly the first time to overcome this.

Sea Driftwood Anemone

Hai Son Quy driftwood is a kind of driftwood with a strange shape with many winding roots and branches, in different sizes and sizes, so Hai Son Quy driftwood is highly valued and widely used in high-grade aquariums. .

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Steel grain driftwood

Steel-trimmed driftwood is a new type of driftwood, as sturdy as fir driftwood. When placed underwater, the wood grain on the driftwood floats very impressively. Steel lined driftwood is often used to play nano tank and shallow tank style when making aquariums.

Steel grain driftwood

Grind driftwood

Driftwood is a type of aquatic driftwood with many different shapes and designs, with a slightly yellowish yellow or brown color that does not follow any rules.

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As a type of driftwood with unique properties, midge driftwood is often used by aquarists for discus aquariums, arowana aquariums with rainforest decor in semi-ground aquariums.

Forest Tea Driftwood

Wild tea driftwood is a type of driftwood that sinks easily in water and especially does not fade in water, which is often used by aquarists in the South.

forest driftwood

drumstick bone

Cluster driftwood is a small canopy shaped driftwood and is often used to make a canopy for bonsai driftwood.

Because there are so many types of aquatic driftwood, you can choose from a variety of types to suit your aquatic and semi-terrestrial design. When the new aquatic driftwood is initially put into the fish tank, used up for decoration, they all become slimy, fade the yellow color of water driftwood, or float on the surface of the water. Therefore, before putting it in the aquarium, it is necessary to process the driftwood in the following way.

  • Release red grouper to reduce slime drift
  • If the driftwood fades in the water, you just need to change the water regularly for a while and it will be over
  • The driftwood floats on the surface of the water, you can insert heavy objects or attach rocks, heavy objects to the driftwood, then after a while the driftwood sinks by itself.

Instructions for handling aquatic driftwood before putting it in the aquarium, selling it dry

After choosing the right aquatic driftwood, the next step is to clean the driftwood before putting it in the aquarium.

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With some types of early aquatic driftwood, it must be exposed to direct sunlight to kill bacteria and mold. Some other types of driftwood still have the outer shell, you just need to soak it in water for a week and then dry it in the sun, it will make the driftwood easier to peel off.

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With a large size of driftwood, you only need to clean the driftwood with a cleaning brush, and if you have a high-pressure sprayer, it will be easier to clean. If you want to clean more thoroughly, you need to soak the driftwood in water with other additives to clean less viscous, kill bacteria and germs inside the driftwood core with hydrogen peroxide and salt.

For small aquatic driftwood logs, after being cleaned, they can be disinfected by putting them in boiled water or soaking them in boiled water for about 3-4 hours.

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It is very important to treat the driftwood to clean it before adding it to the tank, you need to make sure it does not damage your aquarium. Once the driftwood is no longer hot, you take it out and place it in your aquarium decor. If you are more cautious, you can soak the driftwood in hydrogen peroxide to minimize the possibility of pathogens that may arise when using in your aquarium.

How to sink aquatic driftwood in an aquarium?

  • Column stones, heavy objects on the bottom of the driftwood, or using heavy objects to press down on the driftwood to prevent the wood from floating.
  • Drill a bottom part of the driftwood to embed the weight into the wood, then seal it.
  • Use screws to attach heavy objects to the driftwood, then use aquatic plants to cover them like wax, ferns.
  • Use glass suction cups to stick to the bottom of the tank or the edge of the tank, then use a zip tie to secure the driftwood.
    How to Choose Aquatic Driftwood, Handle Aquatic Driftwood Properly

Tips for choosing the right way to buy and play aquatic driftwood safely

For those new to aquariums, it is really difficult to choose to buy driftwood in the middle of a diverse driftwood forest today. Here are some common tips for choosing the right aquatic driftwood:

Tips for Choosing Aquatic Driftwood

  • Choose the natural look of wood, have a unique shape or choose and match driftwood to your liking.
  • When buying driftwood you should choose a low humus type that will not discolor when soaked in water
  • It is necessary to choose aquatic driftwood naturally eroded by water.

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Aquatic Driftwood Assembly Methods

  • Use twine to tie the aquatic driftwood together to create a style.
  • Use 502 glue and sawdust to fix.
  • Use special glue for gluing.
  • Use nails and screws to connect.

Indeed, when buying aquatic driftwood, it is not always possible to choose beautiful driftwood, so you have to use the method of assembling the pieces of driftwood to obtain the desired decorative driftwood.

Above all, don’t be greedy

Currently, the situation of aquatic driftwood is counterfeited in mass at a much cheaper price than the market price, but when buying, only simple types of wood with shells are shaped like driftwood, not wood fleet. If these types of driftwood are placed in the aquarium, they will create an environment for bacteria and germs to grow and harm organisms raised in the tank.

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Please choose to buy driftwood from a quality address

  • You need to buy from reputable and quality places that many people trust.
  • Avoid buying from stores that don’t have a clear name and address.
  • Beware of sophisticated scams when buying online.

Here is some knowledge and experience about aquatic driftwood Hope it can help water recreation. If you still have questions about how to play aquatic life or how to handle driftwood safely, please leave a comment below this article.