What is a Yellow Galaxy Betta? Features, price and maintenance

What is a Yellow Galaxy Betta?  Features, price and maintenance

Yellow Galaxy Betta is the most popular fish in Vietnam, one of the favorite choices of long-time aquarists.

A popular ornamental fish breed in Vietnam must meet many criteria. So what is the yellow galaxy betta fish that is so beloved? Let’s find out with Little Ornamental Fish through the article below.

What is a yellow galaxy betta fish?

yellow galaxy betta fish is the most popular vip or thai betta fish with colorful colors and is native to thailand.

However, this breed of fish in Vietnam is mainly bred, domesticated and sold in the market.

Many new aquarists often confuse the yellow galaxy betta with the golden dragon betta. However, they are two completely different species of fish.

Characteristics of yellow galaxy betta fish

The basic shape of the yellow galaxy betta fish is similar to other types of galaxy betta fish. Possessing a small body of about 4cm with very neat fins and tail, beveled like a propeller.

The yellow galaxy betta aquarium fish has the main color of yellow. Moreover, there are black and blue colors on the back half of the body.

The yellow galaxy betta fishtail is adorned with subtle and mysterious blue dots.

This breed of fish is considered a beautiful catfish and will be the first choice for yellow followers.

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Benefits of keeping yellow galaxy betta fish

Keeping yellow galaxy betta fish helps improve the aesthetics of the home. Besides, it also helps to support luck and fortune

The yellow galaxy betta fish is not only a beautiful fish, but also brings warmth and tolerance to the owner.

The yellow color of the yellow galaxy betta fish is the color of sunlight that spreads throughout space, warming everything.

It gives a sense of openness and clear, consistent direction

How to Care for Yellow Galaxy Betta Fish

It is recommended to feed yellow galaxy betta fish live foods such as grubs, grubs, and bloodworms. In addition, larvae, worms and dry food are excellent supplements

After feeding the fish, clean up their remains

It is necessary for the yellow galaxy betta fish to have a large space to function and grow comfortably. And should check tank cleaning regularly to avoid dangerous diseases.

Like other Thai bettas. Yellow galaxy betta fish are also very aggressive and should not be kept with many different types of fish to avoid conflict.

yellow galaxy betta fish price

The listed price for yellow galaxy betta fish at Small Cay is 120,000 VND/fish. A great price for those who want to own this beautiful breed.

People who want to buy cheap female betta fish can contact Small Canh Fish directly via the website or the hotline 0336 849 019.

Prestigious place to sell yellow galaxy betta fish

If you are looking for a reputable place to sell yellow galaxy betta fish, come immediately to the Small Aquarium. Here we provide varieties of ornamental betta fish, Vietnamese bronze fish, sell high quality dragon betta fish and other ornamental fish related services and products.

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Confident is the perfect place to supply prestigious and top quality ornamental fish breeds to Vietnam. With 10 years experience in aquarium industry, extremely preferential after-sales protection policies will surely satisfy customers.

The yellow galaxy betta fish is a beautiful fish and brings a lot of fortune and luck to the owner. An excellent choice for aquarists.