What is a tattooed snapper? How much does a tattooed snapper cost?

What is a tattooed snapper?  How much does a tattooed snapper cost?

Red snapper tattoo? A fairly new and somewhat surprising name if you are not an aquarium fish person. Let’s find out what tattooed red snapper is

What is a tattooed rockfish?

Red snapper, also known to fish farmers as red snapper, is one of the most popular ornamental fish on the market today. Because red snapper is one of the easiest aquarium fish to keep, it is very popular with aquarists. Especially recently appeared the type of fish tattooed Red Ket

It’s quite surprising to hear the name of the tattooed rockfish, isn’t it? This fishing line mainly comes from China. With a desire to increase the number of fish eaten, many aquarium shop owners in China have come up with a way to tattoo fish to add a unique and attractive look to the fish.

The tattooed red snapper is tattooed with auspicious words. For example, the words Phuc, Loc, Tho, Tai, Dat… This is a type of fish with a red snapper tattoo, this fish has a hard scale and good “physical strength” to support the tattoo lines on the body. The cost of tattooed red snapper is also higher than other red snappers.

How much does tattooed red snapper cost?

The red snapper is tattooed with many different shapes such as: flower tattoo, letter tattoo, number tattoo, dot tattoo, heart tattoo… The price of a small “tattooed” fish is 100,000 VND /fish, the price of a big fish is 100,000 VND / fish 700,000 – 800,000 VND/head.

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Red snapper usually has many different types such as yellow snapper, purple snapper with characteristic purple color, huge King Kong snapper with dazzling pink light…Red snapper is considered to be the ancestor of fish. and fortune to the owners, especially the tattooed goldfish.

Some photos of tattooed Red Keet fish

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