What is a Salo Dog? How to care for Salo dogs?

What is a Salo Dog?  How to care for Salo dogs?

What is the Salo Dog Stage? Perhaps this is an all too familiar concept to dog owners, especially pedigree dog owners.

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Salo is understood as the moment of the estrus of the bitch. Dogs generally have estrous cycles twice a year, and depending on the breed and type of dog, the time of heat varies. Often at these stages, female dogs need to be carefully monitored and cared for for the best of health.

4 stages in the Salo cycle of the bitch

The first phase of the estrous cycle: This is the beginning of the Salo cycle of the bitch, the first phase usually lasts 1 week with no obvious symptoms, the bitch only has a little discomfort in the body, which is a manifestation of high estrogen levels. . At this stage, they do not approach male dogs, but only show some typical Salo cycle manifestations.

Phase 2: During this period, the bitch will ovulate and be ready for fertilization. Estrogen levels drop rapidly while progesterone rises dramatically. They will very quickly attract the male dog with body odor and let the male dog mate to go through the fertilization process.

Stage 3: Lasting 1-2 months, this is the final stage of Salo. The amount of progesterone is still there, but at this point they will reject contact from the male dog and wait for the next stage.

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Stage 4: The dog stops Salo completely and this phase continues until the dog’s next Salo.

What are some symptoms of a Salo bitch?

When your dog is in the Salo stage, you should watch out for some of its unusual signs, including:

  • Swollen Nipples and Breasts: This is considered a common sign in the early stages of a bitch when she saloes, however this sign can be a sign of a false pregnancy so pay attention to these factors below.
  • Abnormal psychology: Pay attention to your dog because it will change its mentality when Salo, especially they become much more sensitive.
  • Male dogs are more attracted to their dog: Male dogs can smell the female dog during heat, high hormones are the reason why they become the center of attention when walking around male dogs.
  • It is most characteristic when the bitch enters the main Salo stage and the vulvar area swells. This is the most easily noticeable sign of a bitch when Salo. The size of a bitch’s vulva can grow up to 2-3 times larger than normal.

What is Salo dog expression?What is Salo dog expression? internet photos

  • Vaginal bleeding: tells you that the bitch is in Salo. The color of the blood changes with time and the Salo stage.

What is Salo dog grooming?

Carefully record and monitor the bitch’s health. At this time, female dogs often have a different mentality than usual. You have to take care of them and watch them, especially be patient when they go on sale.

Note: Do not bath the bitch during the salon until the bleeding stops as bathing the bitch while the Salo is bloody will make it possible for the bitch to let bacteria into the genitals or vagina from her bath water, this case is very difficult . Outside there is a vulva, a vaginal discharge, there is a protection mechanism of the body, so don’t worry.

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It is only when taking a bath, prevent the dog from vigorous exercise to abort and have a miscarriage.

Especially during this period, your house will definitely have a very typical dog smell when Salo is combined with strange blood stains on the floor. Please clean and keep the house clean, you can put diapers on your dog if you don’t want blood spilling on it.

Get a full health check at a vet or pet hospital. Monitor their health weekly so they can give birth to healthy puppies.

Note: Skip the first and second rooms so that the dog can be healthy and mentally strong enough for the birthing process.

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