What is a Neon Emperor Fish? Neon King Features and Maintenance

What is a Neon Emperor Fish?  Neon King Features and Maintenance

The neon king fish attracts many aquatic enthusiasts due to its beauty and bright colors. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for the neon king fish?

If you want to care for the neon king fish, you will need to understand its ideal habitat, diet, and close friends. To learn more, please follow the article below.

What is the Neon Emperor Fish?

Neon King Fish The scientific name is Nematobrycon palmeri (this fish is often called the king fish), The Neon Emperor belongs to the family characidae.

Neon Kingfish are found in the headwaters of the Atrato and Juan rivers in western Colombia, they are also found locally in Condoto, Río Condoto, Novita, Río Tamana in southwestern Colombia. This fish has a set and a tail like the crown of the kings of the past, so it is called the king hat fish.


  • Scientific name: Nematobrycon Palmeri
  • English name: Emperor Tetra
  • Family: Characidae
  • Maximum size: 35 – 42 mm.
  • Tank capacity: 70L or more.
  • Water conditions: 23 – 27°C; pH 5 – 7.5; Water hardness 5 – 20 (dH).
  • Diet: The Neon Emperor is an omnivore of plant residues, crustaceans, insects, worms, bo bo, small pellets.
  • Temperament: Neon emperor is a gentle fish, lives in the middle water layer, is used to swimming in schools, so when breeding it is necessary to release at least 8-10 individuals.
  • Breeding: Neon Emperor is difficult to breed, requires environmental factors (water pH 6 – 7; dH 1 – 5, low light; temperature 23 – 26oC), water purification system. Fish spawn in groups or pairs, lay scattered eggs, eggs are sticky, choose aquatic plants as substrate. It is necessary to separate the eggs early to prevent the brood from eating the eggs.
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How to Breed Neon Emperor Fish

The Neon Emperor is not a difficult fish to keep, you should set up your own aquarium if you want to keep a large number of fry. The aquatic environment should be dimly lit and have clumps of leafy plants such as java moss or reeds for the fish to spawn.

First, when you buy fish, you have to drop the whole bag into the water tank for a short time. This action helps the fish to acclimatize to the aquatic environment. When the fish is healthy, it is best not to add new disease-susceptible fish. You should also prevent fish disease by adding methylene blue to the water. It is recommended to maintain an aquatic environment with a temperature of about 20-26 degrees Celsius, a pH of 5-7.

As a fish that lives in dark waters, Neon Kings will not work in brightly lit tanks. Let the light dim and add a dark background, along with a few small pieces of driftwood and twigs to recreate their natural habitat. You can also add a few dried leaves for a natural yellow color from the tannins, but the leaves should be changed every few weeks.

The South American watershed where the main distribution of neon fish is found doesn’t have much vegetation, so you don’t need to plant a lot of aquatic plants in your aquarium. Instead, you need to provide enough open space for the fish to swim freely, if the environment is ideal, the Neon King will swim very quickly and dynamically.

In the wild, neon king fish are omnivorous, so you can feed them small crustaceans, worms, etc. But in the aquarium they can eat dry food or fresh food. When feeding fish, you should only feed them moderately, you can feed the fish 2 times a day. Neon fish should not be overfed and excess food will contaminate the tank water causing illness and death.

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How much does Neon Emperor fish cost?

Neon fish is quite cheap. In the market today, the neon king fish costs around 20,000 VND per fish.

Currently in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of places selling neon fish to find and buy. Therefore, being able to buy cheap neon fish to play with is not too difficult.