What is a Galaxy Betta Koi Goldfish? Price, features and maintenance

What is a Galaxy Betta Koi Goldfish?  Price, features and maintenance

People who play fish on the forum often say, “If you breed bettas and ignore the red galaxy koi betta, that’s really wrong.” This assertion is not false. But what is there to rent Red Galaxy Betta? Cacannhho.com will give you the answer below. The Red Galaxy Betta Koi is a must have in your own fish collection!

What is a red galaxy koi betta?

The red galaxy betta fish (red galaxy koi fish) is one of the galaxy betta fish bloodlines, it is a breed of betta fish that is bred between the koi and the betta fish of the galaxy. red galaxy. The name red galaxy betta koi or red galaxy betta fish is given to this fish because the background color of its body is red betta and there are different color spots of the betta koi, galaxy.

Red Galaxy betta fish koi |  Fish net 7 colors online

Betta Koi Red Galaxy Fish is a hybrid and bred line of fish based on modern technology. From here come fish with red and colored spots.

General characteristics of red galaxy koi betta fish

The red galaxy koi betta fish is characterized by a compact body. The fins and tail are short, and the main color is red. Moreover, it is the characteristic orange color of Koi fish.

And an indispensable feature of the red galaxy betta fish is the colored dots on the body of the betta galaxy variety. Create perfect beauty.

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Players can sit and watch this race all day without getting bored. Because it brings a special, unique and eye-catching beauty that very few ornamental fish can do

Why should you keep red galaxy betta koi fish?

Part of the red galaxy betta koi fish gives the owner the sense of fortune and luck. The rest is in the red color of this fish. The red color on the red galaxy betta fish symbolizes strength and power. At the same time the enthusiasm of love.

Keeping red galaxy betta koi fish helps beautify your aquarium, making it more appealing and appealing than ever. In addition, you will benefit from a very relaxing and comfortable space.

How to Care for Red Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

It is necessary to give this fish an environment adapted to large spaces. To maximize the development of red galaxy betta koi fish, you should choose a tank size of at least 19 liters to increase their adaptability.

You should add some accessories such as thermostats, filters and water plants. Avoid using sharp decorations or hard plastic bonsai trees as this will easily hurt the fish

You should limit the combination of many types of fish when there is a red galaxy betta koi. Because the characteristics of galaxy betta fish are very aggressive, they may harm their fellow creatures to protect their territory. It is recommended to give bettas some of their favorite foods, worms, so that they grow better and faster.

How much does a red galaxy koi betta fish cost?

Currently, the price of red galaxy betta koi fish in the market is around 150,000 VND/fish. Some places will have a difference, but at this price range you will get good fish

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