What is a calico cat? Why are male calico cats so rare?

The calico cat is not a breed of cat. Calico refers to individuals with cat fur of 3 different colors. In Vietnam, there are many notions that male calico cats are rare and bring good luck to their owners. Let’s find out with the Cats and Dogs Blog.

According to Wikipedia, this coat color occurs in different breeds of cats that can be British Longhairs, Persians, or just domestic cats. This is just one way to categorize cats based on coat color characteristics, not representing a specific breed of cat.


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Cats have a distinctive and recognizable coat color, at most three colors yellow/fawn/red. calico cat it is a special form of tortoiseshell cat. They have many names in other countries such as Mike in Japan, Calio in Canada… The coat has 3 special alternating colors so it is easy to distinguish. Perhaps because they resemble turtle shells, in Vietnam they are called turtle shells.

What makes ‘s special calico cat is their gender, the vast majority of which are female cats. Because the 3-color coat is determined by the X sex chromosome, and only female cats carry 2 X chromosomes. Therefore, it is extremely rare for male cats to have such hair.

In the world, there are many genetic researchers who have tested and bred this cat. If you are interested in this field, you can check >> > Wikipedia

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in popular belief

According to popular beliefs, calico cat Entering the house, the owner will have a lot of luck and fortune. Better luck when that cat is male. Perhaps because of this rarity, people think that the calico cat is a pet that brings many blessings.

In the state of Maryland – USA. Cat 3 can be recognized as a separate symbol. The color of the cat’s fur matches the color of the state emblem. In many other parts of the world, people also value and appreciate these 3-color cats.

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One example that is not too strange is the cat Menejeki Neko, the Japanese cat talent. It brings money and fortune to the owner. The image of a cat sitting and waving has become familiar in any Japanese store in particular, and in Asia in general.

Also, Japanese sailors often bring a Maneki Neko cat to bring luck and peace when floating on the open sea.

Male calico cats are rare and very lucky

As previously introduced to you, a calico male cat is extremely rare. Therefore, it can be said that the calico male cat is considered a treasure of nature. However, this is very, very rare. Only if the cat has Klinefelter syndrome (XXY). However, male cats cannot reproduce in this case.

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So when the male calico enters the house, it indicates that the owner is about to get very lucky. Abundant blessings. Not just male cats, calico cat Entering the house is already a very good omen.

In Ireland, it is also said that just holding the tea cola to the acne area will clear it up after a few days.

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3-body cats in feng shui

In feng shui, cats will bring a lot of good things, especially in Asian countries. Fortune will come to families that are visited by cats. It is very necessary to buy a talented cat for the house.

Some Notes When Buying a Maneki Neko Talented Cat

  • Choose a white or yellow cat, but it must be spotted to be a calico.
  • A cat with its left hand raised means a male cat, so it has more meaning.
  • The cats that raise their right hand are female, so the meaning is good luck and happiness.


Bringing a talented cat, you need to prepare a whole procession.

The price of calico cats in Vietnam

calico cat unlike other breeds of cats. They are only separated by coat color. Male cats are quite expensive due to their rarity. A male calico can cost up to hundreds of millions of dong. Many male cats are also worth billions of dong.

With female cats, our cats have many that are easy to buy at markets or roadside pet stores for only a few hundred thousand. Or more simply, you can adopt cats through animal shelters or cat breeding groups.

We hope the above information has helped you understand more about this line of cats and the characteristics and rarity of the males.

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