What is a Buffalo Dog and the most characteristic dog breeds?

What is a Buffalo Dog and the most characteristic dog breeds?

Are Buffalo dogs and hairless dogs the same? What are the characteristics of this breed of dog? Let’s find out detailed information with Chocan below!

What is a buffalo dog?

Maybe you’re all too familiar with soft, fluffy dogs. So, what hairless dogs have you seen?

Buffalo Dog is impressed with bare skin without a protective coatBuffalo Dog is impressed with bare skin without a protective coat

Hairless dog also known as Buffalo Dog. It refers to dogs without hair, on the body only skin with no covering of hair. Because of this, they become special and attractive to many people.

Not only possessing a unique appearance, these dogs are also highly intelligent, agile and loyal to their owners. Many of them are considered valuable dogs in their home country.

Are Hairless and Shedding Dogs the Same?

Many people are still confused between these two concepts, In fact, their meanings are completely different. While hairless dogs are Buffalo Dogs, the common name for a group of dogs with hairless characteristics, non-shedding dogs refer to dogs with little or no hair loss.

Or to be more specific, dogs that don’t shed can still have hair throughout their adult lives. Some examples are: Poodle, Alaska, Bulldog, …

Some Popular Buffalo Dog Breeds Today

Chocanh has compiled information and introduced readers to some of the best known buffalo breeds today.

mexican dog

The Mexican dog is known to be a very good guide dog.The Mexican dog is known to be a very good guide dog.

They are also known as Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo dogs for short. They are from Mexico. As soon as they appeared, they were loved by many people. Some places even respect it as a sacred object and keep it as a pet in the house.

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The appearance of Xoloitzcuintli dogs is completely smooth, hairless, and shiny skin. In particular, they don’t even have eyelashes, eyebrows, only a tuft of hair on top of their heads. Their most common coat colors are black, gray, and coffee brown.

Their body size is quite small, common weight is 3-18 kg, height is 23 cm-76 cm. The personality is calm, affectionate and loyal. Additionally, they are also known as guide dogs.

American Terrier

The next sought after Bulldog breed in many countries is the American Terrier. Their ancestor is the Rat Terrier and is of great value. Their personality is very intelligent, easy to train, particularly friendly and affectionate.

Their appearance is naked with white or black skin, without hair. The skin is still wrinkled, it is very beautiful. The average body size is about 40-50 cm, the maximum weight is 20 kg.

Crested Chinese Chó

The Chinese Crested Dog has hair on its head, tail and 2 legsThe Chinese Crested Dog has hair on its head, tail and 2 legs

This dog breed is classified as a Buffalo Dog, but in addition to the smooth body, they have long hair on their head, legs, and tail. Their ancestors in Africa or Mexico were taller. However, through the process of development and reproduction, they have become much smaller.

Their personalities are extremely hyperactive, running and jumping and can even create fun for their owners. Their ability to express emotions is also impressive.

Cho Pila Argentina

The next Buffalo breed that Chocan wants to introduce readers to is the Argentinian Pila. They appeared thousands of years ago. The word “Pila” in the vernacular means “naked”. This is absolutely true of their physical characteristics – hairless.

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The most common skin color for this breed is black or gray. Adult body size can be up to 50 cm. Intelligent personality and very good observation.

peruvian dog

The appearance of the Peruvian dog is quite suitable for the Buffalo Dog group because the hair is very small, growing only a little on the top of the head. Their personalities are also very loyal and affectionate. Their numbers have drastically decreased since the end of the 19th century due to the Spanish invasion of Peru. Currently, they are actively bred to restore them to their original state.

Notes when picking up Buffalo dogs

Because the body lacks a protective outer layer, the Buffalo Dog is very susceptible to colds.Because the body lacks a protective outer layer, the Buffalo Dog is very susceptible to colds.

If you are looking to buy a hairless puppy, pay attention to some of the following special points.

  • Habitat: Their tolerance to cold and heat is moderate due to their hairless body. It is therefore necessary to maintain a living environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Nutrition: It is necessary to bring the necessary nutrients to each of its meals. Should add more vitamins, protein, calcium, … vegetables, meat, fish, … to help dogs grow healthy, increase resistance.
  • Regularly cleanse the body, especially sensitive skin as it is not protected.
  • Get regular checkups to make sure they’re in good health. It also prolongs the life of the dog.
  • Note some common diseases of skin parasites, flu, heat stroke, etc.

Thus, the Buffalo Dog breed is called by its body features with little or no hair. Chocanh hopes that through this article readers will learn more about this breed and be mentally prepared if they intend to keep them as pets.