What is a blue neon fish? Features and price of Blue Neon Fish

What is a blue neon fish?  Features and price of Blue Neon Fish

The Blue Neon fish is a fish that has the particularity of swimming in schools in the aquarium. Having the ability to reflect light, they have a very beautiful appearance. The average size of neon fish in adulthood is 3-4 cm. Let’s find out about this fish in this article

What is a blue neon fish?

Arguably Blue Neon Fish is the most popular species in our country today, people call them neon fish because they form groups of beautiful light patterns when they swim.

Some information about Blue Neon Fish

Blue neon fish or neon tetra, Paracheirodon innesi (Myers, 1936). Other Vietnamese names: common neon fish, fluorescent neon fish. Previously, types of Blue Neon Fish in Vietnam were imported from overseas, but after a while, we bred and bred in the country.

  • Fish length: 3-4 cm
  • Blue Neon Fish Features

Neon is a fish that lives forever with 2 red and blue stripes along its body with shimmering silver scales. They are found in the United States and are kept in aquariums by many people. The fish are imported into Vietnam and widely exploited.

The blue neon is characterized by preferring to live in clean water and wide open spaces, in an environment rich in dissolved oxygen. It is a favorable environment for fish to grow and reproduce well. Dirty water can affect the health and growth of fish.

Males have longer, more colorful dorsal and anal fins, while females are rounder and have a wider abdomen. When fish get sick, their color fades and after a while they die.

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Biological characteristics of blue neon fish

  • Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi
  • Color: blue and red are the two main colors.
  • Adult height: 3-5 cm.
  • Swimming in a group: yes.
  • Food: bran powder, worms…
  • Water temperature: 22-29 degrees Celsius.
  • pH: 5-7
  • Lighting requirements: moderate.

How much does blue neon fish cost?

In the buy and sell market, the price of blue neon fish often fluctuates and varies by region and selling establishment.

You can refer to the following prices:

  • Average price (VND/head): 6,000 -10,000 VND
  • The price of big and beautiful royal neon goldfish usually costs around 15,000 VND.

Many fishmongers also sell for a higher price depending on the rarity of the fish.