What is a Blue Dragon Betta? Characteristics, price and breeding method

What is a Blue Dragon Betta?  Characteristics, price and breeding method

The Blue Dragon Betta is a breed of fish with a unique appearance that has been much sought after by professional aquarists in recent years.

What is so special about them to be so loved and sought after? Let’s find out with the Small Canh Fish shop through the article below.

What is a Blue Dragon Betta?

The Blue Dragon Betta fish or Siamese arowana is native to Thailand. This is one of the popular breeds of fish with extremely simple colors, creating a special beauty.

An interesting thing is the betta dragon age. Usually it will fluctuate 3-5 years depending on each person’s care. Their colors are considered the most beautiful the first year.

Aquarists have always wanted to breed this Dragon Betta. In recent times, there has been a movement to farm this fish and created a fever in the Vietnamese fish market.

Characteristics of Blue Dragon Betta Fish

The Blue Dragon Betta fish has a similar appearance to the lines of Galaxy Betta fish. With a relatively small body of about 8 cm, the fins and tail are neatly bevelled like a propeller.

The Blue Dragon Betta has a silvery-white metallic coat as thick as armor. Their fins have a distinctive blue color that creates a clean separation between the body and the fin.

How to Care for Blue Dragon Betta

First of all, the food, Blue Dragon Betta fish are relatively easy to keep when they can eat a variety of foods. There are some types such as worms, dry food, beetles, etc.

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It is recommended to feed them a maximum of 20% of their body weight. If they eat too much, it will only cause excesses, affecting the aquatic environment. It even harms the digestive tract and reduces inherent growth.

After feeding them, you should also take the time to clean up the leftovers. This ensures them the best environment and the best living conditions.

Next comes the temperature. Usually they survive and grow best at temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius and between 7 and 7.5 degrees PH.

Benefits of keeping Blue Dragon Betta fish

The Blue Dragon Betta is suitable for people working in a highly competitive environment. Because they symbolize the will, the struggle and the constant elevation.

Keeping betta dragon fish in the house brings luck and fortune to the owner. The blue color of the fins has a deep sense of solidity and reliability.

However, it is also advisable to limit the aquarium to certain places exposed to direct sunlight, next to electronics and bedrooms to ensure the safety and health of the breeder and the fish.

How Much Does a Blue Dragon Betta Fish Cost?

In the market, this fish is relatively cheap, ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 VND/fish. However, there are special and rare variants that can cost up to millions of VND each.

The listed price of Blue Dragon Betta at Small Ornamental Fish is 80,000 VND/fish. A great price for those who want to own this beautiful fish.

Prestigious Blue Dragon Betta Fish

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The Blue Dragon Betta fish is a beautiful fish and brings a lot of fortune and luck to the owner. An excellent choice for aquarists.