What is a Betta Koi Nemo galaxy? The most popular model collection

What is a Betta Koi Nemo galaxy?  The most popular model collection

Betta koi nemo galaxy is one of the top priority choices for professional aquarists. What is special about this fish? Let Small Aquarium decode it for you.

What is a nemo galaxy koi betta fish?

Answer the question what is galaxy betta koi or what is galaxy betta koi nemo. This is a breed of koi galaxy betta fish which is a cross between koi nemo and galaxy.

The name galaxy betta koi nemo is given to this fish because the background color on the body is from the Betta Nemo lineage and there are different color spots of the galaxy Betta Koi.

Betta Koi Galaxy Nemo is an advanced breed of fish that is currently being bred to produce fish with colorful boards.

Features of galaxy betta koi nemo

The galaxy fish Betta koi nemo is characterized by a small body, only about 2.5 to 5 cm. The fins and tail are short and the main colors are warm colors such as orange, yellow and red.

The body of the betta is enhanced by the perfect combination of flowers. Make the colors make the fish more vibrant and wonderful than ever.

The unique small spots on the galaxy betta nemo’s body bring a mysterious beauty.

The Betta Koi Nemo galaxy has many very special colors. Aquarists will feel very excited watching this fish as they have the ability to make a strong impression on the viewer at first sight.

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Summary of the most beautiful models of fish in the galaxy Betta koi nemo

Cá betta KOI nemo galaxy star world
Pure color KOI nemo galaxy betta fish
Koi nemo galaxy red betta fish
Betta fish KOI nemo galaxy kpop

Benefits of keeping betta galaxy fish

It is a beta fish from the koi family. It is a popular fish in Japan with deep meaning in terms of fortune and luck.

It is an extremely valuable fish and its equivalent is a very high price in the aquarium market.

Aquarists look to the betta koi nemo galaxy because of its beauty, additionally because they want to relax, and more specifically, they want themselves and their families to have prosperity in health and money.

How to Care for Galaxy Betta Koi Nemo Fish

Before releasing the fish into the new tank, the farmer should let the bag containing the newly purchased betta fish float on the surface of the water for about 10-15 minutes.

This will contribute to an even temperature inside and out. And when the fish is released into the tank, the betta Koi nemo will not suffer from heat shock and its survival will be better.

When keeping betta nemo galaxy fish in an aquarium, provide them with foods such as worms, larvae, or synthetic pellets.

But, you should note that the Koi nemo galaxy betta has a relatively small stomach. Therefore, the amount of food for them should be only moderate. Don’t overfeed them.

This is a Betta that can be kept together when young. But when they grow up, they will have to separate, because they will appear in competition for sovereignty.

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Therefore, when breeding the adult betta galaxy Koi nemo, it is necessary to separate them in different places. However, for female Betta fish, it is possible to consider keeping them together.

Once you separate them into separate glues, they won’t be able to go back to living together in the same way. And they will probably rub against each other.

When the betta fish is about 1 month old. Breeders must separate and raise one child at a time. So that they can perfect their inherent beauty.

nemo galaxy betta koi price

Currently, the listed price of galaxy betta koi nemo in Ca Canh Nho is 100,000 VND/fish.

This is a very preferential price for galaxy betta koi fish. Especially for a breed of fish considered such a masterpiece. And can be considered a cheap betta fish for those who want to buy and sell female bettas.

Prestigious place to sell nemo galaxy betta koi fish

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