What do pugs eat? How to make Pug dog food at home

What do pugs eat?  How to make Pug dog food at home

What do pugs eat? Pug is a breed that is easy to care for and raise, they are very voracious, most of the food you make Pug can eat.

People choose the pug dog breed to care for not only because of the price but also because this breed is easy to breed. They fill up quickly with the food you prepare. However, for the Pug to be in really good health, choosing the right diet and exercise is extremely important. This article will help you know what to give What do pugs eat? and teach you to choose simple dishes at home for them.

What do Pug dogs eat?What do pugs eat?

Pug is a noble dog and is loved and cared for by the royal family. Maybe you do not know the “terrible” origin of this breed? Let’s follow the details >>> here.

What do pugs eat?

Although Pugs are said to be able to absorb any human food, just like other dogs, their digestive system is born to absorb protein and fat in meat.

Therefore, some main foods in Vietnam, such as rice or starch in general, are not necessary for Pug. They also make the Pug fat and accumulate fat causing obesity in dogs.

The nutritional diet of a purebred (or hybrid) Pug dog includes:

  • Protein/Protein: To meet the growing needs of the Pug, you need to satisfy 20-25% of the protein in the daily menu. Some of the highest protein foods for them are lean pork, chicken breast, fish, beef (great for growth), animal organs, and Vietnamese duck eggs.
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If possible, you can also feed Pug pork because the protein content in meat is very high, the amount of fat is low, which makes beef always the #1 choice for dogs.

In addition, feeding animal organs such as the heart, liver… of the pig also makes the dog develop better. Duck eggs contain a high protein content, but they must be supplemented with other foods for the full development of Pug.

What should Pug dogs eat?What should Pug dogs eat?

Many of you don’t have much free time, so give Pug dry food, but when eating dry food, you should also pay attention to the amount of protein ~ 25% to ensure the dog’s nutrition.

  • Fat: Many of you think that fat is not necessary in your dog’s menu, but this is a mistake. The fats work to keep the coat shiny and help the dog better absorb vitamins. To make sure your Pug is in good health, you need to provide 13-15% fat content at each meal. All of the above foods contain the right amount of fat for your dog’s body, so you no longer need to add too much fat.

Like protein, fat should be included in your dog’s diet. If the fat content is too low, you should add more in the fat food like chicken fat, vegetable oil…

Fiber, starch and other nutrients

Train your Pug to eat fiber from the moment you bring your dog home, the first stage he may not eat these foods, but by mashing it up and mixing it with the food, it will be much easier to eat. . It can help them eat well and still not know that there are vegetables in it.

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Supplements with fiber and vitamins for Pug dogsFiber and vitamin supplement for Pug dogs. internet photos

As a lazy dog, Pug often suffers from obesity. He must arrange a reasonable time of the day to eat.

A little tip when raising Pugs is to not let them eat too much, just enough or go hungry. Scheduled food changes are essential.

Depending on the age, size and amount of exercise time more or less to adjust the amount of food for the dog accordingly.

Good luck!

There is rampant information on the market today selling Pug dogs at a price of 1 million. These are dogs crossed with our dogs or dogs of unknown origin, carriers of diseases in humans or contraband. Therefore, when buying a dog, you need to ask the seller to provide photos of the parents and the necessary documents in order to avoid unfortunate situations.