What do kittens eat? Reasonable diet and diet for kittens?


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When welcoming a new kitten to a new home, the first question most of you probably ask yourself is what to feed it? What food is suitable for kittens? Perhaps many of you do not know, feeding kittens with some human food can be detrimental to the feline’s health. Here are some tips.

What to feed the kittens? Some notes to keep in mind

Kittens have weak immune systems, immature and immature bodies. Therefore, you should pay attention to some foods that are not suitable for them at this stage.

Food that cats can not eat

Milky cows

Many of you think that giving cow’s milk to cats can help them grow more easily. However, cow’s milk contains lactose, which is harmful to the cat’s stomach. This is not OK. You can use specialized cat milk that is sold in popular pet stores.

whole shrimp

Cats can eat shrimp meat, but with whole shrimp, this is not good. Shrimp shells contain benzoic acid, which is toxic to cats. Pay attention when you feed your cat shrimp, you have to peel them.

The food should not be used by cats. Internet


Fatty meat hinders the metabolism of food. Cats’ digestive systems are still immature, so fatty meat is not good for them. In many cases, it even affects the health of cats.

foods with bones

Foods with small bones, such as fish, should be eliminated for kittens. Currently, the chewing system of cats is still weak, they cannot distinguish bones and they are easier to choke.

What do kittens eat?

Basically, kittens must receive proper nutrition. Cats’ digestive systems are still weak, so choose foods that are easy to absorb and metabolize. You can process beef, chicken, pork for cats to eat. However, limit fatty foods.

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Depending on the stage and age of your cat, you need to arrange a reasonable diet and diet for your cat.

Cats under 6 weeks

Nothing is as good for kittens as mother’s milk at this stage, mother’s milk is the best food to help kittens develop fully.

If you bring home a kitten you find outside for adoption, smear the urine of the pack kittens on the body so the mother cat can give the stranger cat milk to nurse on.

What do kittens eat when they are brought to a new home? Internet

  • If there is no mother cat in the house.

You post to petting groups or go to the pet store looking for a kitty-specific organic milk to pump them up. You can use pasteurized milk and use a syringe to pump it into the cat’s mouth. Buy more calcium and get 1/8 for them to drink.

Combine early morning sun exposure for strong kitties.

Caring for kittens without mother’s milk is extremely difficult. Kittens are very easy to die due to lack of nutrition and diseases of the digestive system, so pay attention.

What do 6-10 week old cats eat?

If your cat can adjust to the old diet, go ahead and add some nutrition to the cat. Start giving more rice puree with fish, chicken… Note that you must process it very finely so that the cat can eat it.

Supplement with vitamins and calcium necessary for them to grow quickly. This stage is a period of development of the body, so it is necessary to carefully supplement the cat’s nutrition.

What do kittens eat from 6 to 10 weeks? Internet

The digestive system is not yet complete and weak, so diarrhea and vomiting often occur. You take your cat to the vet when he notices unusual symptoms.

Add enough water for cats to digest easily and avoid dehydration. If the cat is healthy at the end of this period, start deworming the kitten.

Stay in the sun and get used to the shower water to avoid discomfort later.

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Cats > 3 months

Start feeding cat food. It could be rice puree or Royal Canin kitten dried nuts or other nuts from a cat’s age. You must pay attention when using dried nuts, you must give your cat plenty of water to avoid kidney stones.

Gradually introduce dry food and wean the cat gradually, but do not wean suddenly. Allowing the cat to acclimate gradually will help it get used to the new food.

What do 3 month old kittens eat?

Start vaccinating and deworming your cat. Vaccines that you take to veterinary stations or veterinary hospitals. They will give you a log book and an appointment for a booster shot. Deworming during the first 6 months once a month.

If you want to learn more about Royal Canin cat products, you can read my article below.

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Start potty training your cat in the right place. How to train yourself to refer to articles

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What do cats > 6 months eat?

Kittens at this stage have matured. You can swap cat food for these age-specific nuts. Royal Canin continues to be my #1 choice for cat care.

If you have time to prepare, make your own pâté de gato. It’s simple, follow the instructions in the article: How to make cat pâté at home simple, easy to do, 100% successful

What does a 6 month old kitten eat? Internet

Also add the necessary food and let them exercise. Eating too many substances can lead to obesity in Western cats, especially British cats.

adult cat

Cats 9 to 10 months old, you must spay the female cat and neuter the male cat.

Food that you can keep granulated for cats. The body is stronger, so it is easy for you to raise a cat during this period. Most of them can eat processed human food.

Please note that you should re-inject them with preventive vaccinations according to the doctor’s appointment as specified in the vaccination book. In addition, regular vaccination against rabies is required.

I hope this article of mine has helped you understand more about What do kittens eat? How to care for kittens when they come home.

I hope your cats are always healthy.