What do golden retrievers eat? Basic Golden Dog Care from AZ


What do golden dogs eat? This is probably a question that many of you who are raising Goldens ask yourself when you welcome your dog to a new home. Don’t miss this post.

I once babysat a golden baby from 3 months to almost 1 year old with a friend. In almost 1 year of raising a baby, my friends and I have experienced many emotions, from joy, sadness to pain. He has suffered from both Parvo and Care, the two most dangerous diseases in dogs. And he did not survive Care.

I also want to share with you that raising a dog is not easy. So be a responsible breeder. Here are the experiences and skills of raising Golden dogs drawn by themselves.

What do golden dogs eat?

As you know, the golden breed is known for its large, human-friendly dog. From a young age, they have had an extremely handsome face, so Golden quickly won the hearts of many dog ​​owners in Vietnam.

What does the golden dog eat?What does the golden dog eat?

The golden dog has the characteristics of being easy to breed, easy to care for and raise, which is why this breed is popular with many owners. However, it is important how to breed golden dogs so that they grow up in balance and healthy.

What do Golden Dogs eat when they have just brought their new home (2-4 months)

This time is quite sensitive because the puppy’s digestive system is not yet complete, it has just begun to leave its mother and come into contact with the outside environment. Changing the food to suit your dog’s digestive system is extremely important.

  • You can continue to keep the food you feed your owner to avoid contamination of the food. This will help stabilize your dog’s digestive system and he will slowly get used to the new food.
  • For me, when I picked up baby Golden, it was also lucky that the former owner, before sending him to his new home, began to give him new food, which was thin porridge with minced meat, so when I got home, I continued to keep him. the previous diet and gradually increase the quality and quantity for at least the first week.
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golden dog rationsgolden dog rations

You should make gradual changes to the amount of food and the portion of your dog’s diet. Instead of porridge, it is rice and evenly divide the number of meals for the dog according to the schedule.

Golden dog 2 – 3 months: Children should eat 4 meals a day.

Golden dog 3 – 5 months: Reduce to 3 meals a day and gradually increase the amount of food.

Golden dog 2 – 3 months: Reduce to 2 meals/day to increase the quality and quantity of food.

Should I use grain food for Golden puppies?: Currently on the market there are many types of dry dog ​​food, you can refer to many famous brands such as Royal Canin, Smart Heart, Pedigree… Each brand has its own line of products Dogs of different ages.

If you have the conditions and you’re busy, you may need these dog foods. They are very convenient and easy to use. You can moisten the seeds and give them to your dog to use immediately afterwards. Our baby Golden also used Royal Canin for Puppy for a while, but then I gradually switched to a diet of fresh home-cooked food.

Don’t forget to fully vaccinate your dog to strengthen the dog’s immune system. Until the second dose, my baby Golden had Parvo (she hasn’t had the third dose yet). So that you remember the vaccination schedule and complete it for your baby.

When Golden Dog is between 5 and 8 months old

This is the period of development of the dog from the physical to the mental. Care and training during this time is extremely important. Dogs are in the growth stage, nutrition and essential minerals are what Golden needs during this period.

At this stage, I let my dog ​​eat 3 meals/day on a home-cooked diet consisting of rice, boiled meat combined with vegetables such as pumpkin, and mixed greens. One week with 2 extra duck eggs, pate and alternating with dog food when busy with work.

What does Golden Dog eat and what does Golden Dog care for?What does Golden Dog eat and what does Golden Dog care for?

The most important thing at this stage is to feed the dog proper nutrition. I always feed the dog cooked food.

  • Protein constitutes 20-25% of the total weight of the food.
  • Fat: accounts for 10 to 15% in the natural meat you process, fiber and vitamins, minerals in vegetables (accounting for > 70%)
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If you use dry food, you do not need to balance the nutritional ratio because the manufacturer has balanced this ratio in their food.

Pay attention to completing the vaccination schedule, and let the dog exercise every day. In addition to nutrition, exercise is also very important. Walking or playing basic games such as picking up balls, picking up sticks… will make Golden excited and stimulate his eating process.

Golden dog > 8 months

Minimize the amount of dog food and increase the quantity and quality of the food. Still the same old servings but they need to increase in quantity.

During this period, I reduce to 2 meals a day. Early in the morning when I go to work and at night when I get home. I bought more bones and toys to prevent the dogs from destroying the furniture in the house. The baby is very obedient and obedient.

What do golden dogs eat?What do golden dogs eat?

During this period, continue to take the baby out for exercise to use up the dog’s excess energy and reduce stress. This is extremely important. Releasing energy helps Golden dogs to digest better and develop their musculoskeletal system in the most perfect way.

Foods that should not be given to Golden Dogs

  • raw eggs
  • Soda
  • chocolate and coffee
  • Avocado
  • Raw or undercooked meat
  • Spring onion
  • Bone
  • grapes and raisins
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • flour bread
  • moldy food
  • Alcohol
  • Milk
  • Salty food…

golden dog caregolden dog care

Some diseases that Golden dogs can contract

The diseases that Golden can encounter during development include genetic diseases and diseases caused by external factors.

  • Genetic diseases.
  • Bone diseases, dogs are reduced due to insufficient calcium supplementation during development.
  • allergic diseases
  • Weather related pneumonia.
  • Infectious diseases Parvo, Beware… can be dangerous for the life of the dog if not treated in time.

When you see that the dog has unusual signs like refusing to eat, the dog is vomiting, the dog is convulsing… or any other sign that is not normally seen. Take him to the nearest vet right away for an accurate diagnosis. The sooner the better.

Thanks to early research, our Golden was able to overcome the dangerous Pavo disease. This is my experience of treating Parvo in dogs according to the route that I did. I hope to help your dog out of danger. However, it is for reference only. Each dog has a different body.

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