What do dachshunds eat? dachshund diet


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The dachshund is a medium-sized pet dog that is widely bred in Vietnam. They have many different names, such as sausage, Dachshund. They are not picky eaters and are easy to care for. However, you should also pay attention to the dog’s diet to keep it healthy.

What do dachshunds eat? dachshund diet

Dachshunds are not fussy dogs, they can eat any food. However, to provide proper health for your dog, you must add the necessary foods to the diet.


The foods that contain the most starch are rice, porridge, tubers… Just mix your food with rice and add some vegetables. Root vegetables, you can use sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes to feed them.

The starch doesn’t need too much, but it should be there. However, the amount of starch should only represent 10% of the total content of the food.


This is the most necessary substance for dogs, especially for large dogs like Pitbull or Alaskan… The proportion of protein in the food should represent 30% of the total content. Protein can be easily found in beef, lean pork, chicken, ocean fish…

Characteristics of dachshunds and dachshundsCharacteristics of dachshunds and dachshunds

There are also duck eggs, a lot of protein for dogs. However, with duck eggs, you need to pay attention to diet and diet for a week.

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Dachshunds have short legs, so they often have bone diseases, just such an action as jumping from a height can affect the dog’s musculoskeletal system. It is necessary to supplement foods rich in calcium for this breed. Calcium makes up 15% of a dog’s total food intake.

Calcium can be supplemented with the use of external food, specific tablets for dogs. You can easily find them in pet stores across the country. In addition, you can also buy ready-made calcium bones for dogs to chew on.


In the Sausage diet, do not forget the fat. One of the most important nutrients. The fat provides energy for the dog’s activities. However, limiting fat for dogs is very necessary. The fat mass should make up only a small portion of the sausage’s diet.

Dachshund |  dog sausage |  hot dogDachshund | dog sausage | hot dog

vitamins, fiber

Vitamins and fiber like vegetables, lettuce are extremely necessary for dogs. These nutrients help dogs to be healthier, digest better and stabilize the intestinal tract. Fiber and vitamins contain 30% of the total food intake.

Some foods should not be given to dogs at all, such as chocolate, alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks, processed foods, etc.

Divide the diet according to the age of the dog.

Depending on the age of the dog, you should also arrange the diet accordingly. Dogs of different ages also need a specific and different diet:

1 month old dachshund

This is when the cubs start to separate from their mothers, they are strangers and always exploring everything around them. The dog’s health at this time is very weak, the digestive system is still weak, making the dog always the target of bacteria attack.

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During this period it is necessary to provide the bitch with adequate nutrition, in addition to nursing, you give her food to eat outdoors such as ground rice, pureed porridge, these foods will be beneficial to the dog’s intestines.

4-fold diet: divide the amount of food evenly in the morning, afternoon and evening.

1 month – 6 months

Dogs at this stage begin to hone their body features as well as build their stamina. At this time, let your bitch get used to using dog food and gradually wean her off her mother’s milk. If she uses grain food, the dog needs to use a lot of water to improve absorption from the digestive system.

What do dachshunds eat? Daily diet.

If you choose to process food, you should use cooked food, not raw dog food. The diet remains the same 4 times in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and at night. The amount of food is divided evenly according to the meals. If food is processed, the food of the people being processed should be limited.

Dogs older than 1 year

Dogs older than 1 year are mature and full-bodied. At this stage, they need proper nutrition. At this age, you can reduce the quantity of your dog’s meals but increase the quality. Food intake is more complete.

You can rearrange the portions for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with a little more food. The change of diet should be done gradually to avoid sudden changes.

This is also the period when the dog is very active, avoiding collisions and landing in a high position. This can cause injury to the dog.

Do not forget to fully vaccinate your dog against 7 diseases. This will help your dog become healthier.

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