What do British shorthair cats eat? Aln cat diet

What do British shorthair cats eat?  Aln cat diet

What do British shorthair cats eat? The worried questions of many friends, especially those who are new to raising British shorthair cats for the first time, will be answered in this article.

The British shorthair is one of the most widely bred cat breeds in Vietnam today. Most cat owners love this breed because they have a cute appearance and are not too difficult to care for.

However, many cat owners, especially those who “have sex” for the first time, will feel very confused after bringing a cat home without knowing what to feed it. Or how to care. Let’s find out together with the Dog and Cat Love Blog.

What do British shorthair cats eat?

Although it is said that taking care of a British shorthair cat is not too difficult, doesn’t everyone know how to take care of a good and healthy Aln cat? So what do British shorthair cats eat to stay healthy and thrive?

What to pay attention to when buying a British shorthair cat?What do British shorthair cats eat?

British shorthair cats are very voracious eaters, they will eat the food you give them. You can take care of your cat with prepared food or fresh homemade food.

This depends on your economic capacity or time budget. However, the choice of the best food for your cat is determined by the feeding experience and the characteristics of your pet.

Currently, ALN cats are cared for with 2 main types of food

  • Processed foods or canned or bagged foods

You can buy these foods at any pet store nationwide. Depending on your economic conditions, you can choose brands of ready-to-eat cat food for your pet.

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There are a number of commonly used product brands, such as Royal Canin, Me-o, Whiskas… Among them, perhaps Royal Canin, the French food brand is probably the most expensive. If possible, you can use Canin or Whiskas. Whiskas is most famous for its line of cat pâté products.

ALN cat foodALN grain cat food. internet photos

Royal Canin is used by the majority of dog and cat owners around the world because it is a long-standing pet food brand and the quality of the products is second to none.

However, the high price is also a barrier when you choose to feed ALN cats processed food.

  • Homemade food

Home cooking has the advantage of taking advantage of easy-to-find ingredients, and the price is much cheaper than the food available.

However, if you choose to feed your cat homemade food. You need to spend more time preparing the food. This is again one of the hard things for those of you who are constantly busy.

On the other hand, you don’t have to constantly feed your cat homemade food. In order for your cat to grow up healthy, you must balance and control the amount of food and nutrients that enter the cat’s body.

Too much fat will make the domestic cat obese due to the characteristics of the British shorthair cat that is lazy to exercise. Beef, lean pork, fish, chicken… are suitable foods for cats. You can mix it with rice. Limit the amount of rice because rice, if used continuously, will make the cat fatter faster.

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Cats eat homemade pateCats eat homemade pate. internet photos

You can also make your own cat pâté at home and store it in the fridge for later use. How to cook you can refer to the article.

As mentioned above, overfeeding our cats plus a lazy exercise regimen will lead to excess energy, causing obesity.

And of course, the life expectancy of a fat cat will surely not be equal to that of cats that are cared for and groomed on a scientific diet. Add green vegetables to your cat’s diet. With fastidious cats, who often scold vegetables when eating, it can get drunk and mix with food. They won’t be able to recognize it.

Aln Blue Gray Cat. Internet

You can choose 1 of the 2 methods mentioned above to care for your cat. It all depends on your time and finances.

My experience is combining both cat foods. You can alternate your cat’s meals. Eat nuts in the morning when you go to work and at night use homemade food when you get home from work. With smaller kittens, you can increase the number of feedings.

Above are just a few small notes on what British Shorthair cats eat. I will write specifically about the daily diet and the amount of food allocated during the day for cats in the following articles. Please follow me ^^

Good luck