What do Alaskan dogs eat? Alaskan diet by age


What do Alaskan dogs eat? What is the diet and nutrition of Alaskan dogs? Let’s find out through this article with the Dog and Cat Love Blog.

As in previous articles, I have presented the characteristics and price of Alaskan dogs in Vietnam. To help lovers of this breed to have more knowledge, I will send you information about the dog’s diet and nutrition. I hope you support.

How is the diet of the Alaskan dog?

Alaska is a famous breed of sled dog that lives in cold areas. When they returned to Vietnam, to adapt to the climate of our country, they changed a lot. The diet and nutritional level of the dog must also change. You cannot apply the same diet as in your homeland.

The amount of food for Alaskan dogs varies depending on the stage and age of the dog. Therefore, you need to balance and arrange accordingly.

Dogs < 2 months

Not only Alaska but other breeds of dogs also need to have a proper diet depending on the age of the dog. Of course, small dogs cannot eat the same diet and nutrition as large dogs.

What do Alaskan dogs eat? internet photos

During this period, the puppies are still young, and their digestive system is still weak, so it is extremely necessary to supplement the mother’s milk. This is also the main food during this period. Mother’s milk contains many nutrients that are sufficient for the development of newborn puppies.

Dogs older than 1 month can add mashed porridge + minced or pureed meat to the diet. However, it still needs to be combined with breast milk. Avoid sudden changes so your dog’s stomach and digestive system can adjust slowly.

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What do Alaskan dogs from 2 to 6 months eat?

This is an important period that affects the development of the dog. From 2 months of age, puppies can start eating other foods, from 2 to 6 months, you can let your dog eat rice with other foods. Chicken, pork, limit bones and foods that are too difficult for dogs to digest.

Dogs’ immature digestive systems make them highly susceptible to disease. Supports more digestive enzymes for dogs.

What should Alaskan dogs > 6 months eat?

The dogs are in adulthood. You add nutrients to the dog, you increase the quality but reduce the quantity. Dogs can eat 2-3 meals a day and the quality of each meal increases.

Alaskan dog has an age-appropriate dietAlaskan dog has an age-appropriate diet

You need to supplement calcium and vegetables for your dog. Also, in this period, the dog needs to develop its coat, so take care of the Alaskan coat carefully. Adding feathered duck eggs can help your dog’s coat become more beautiful and soft. However, you should limit yourself to 1-2 fruits/week.

mature dog

This is the period when the dog has become stronger and more complete, it continues to add the same menu as before, combining vegetables but increasing the quality of the food. Also write down the types of foods that dogs can eat and those that they cannot avoid.

  • Limit foods with bones, especially fish, with many bones that cause choking.
  • Do not allow your dog to use stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • Chocolate can cause dangerous poisoning for dogs if used too much. For more information on this issue, you can refer to:
  • Sour, moldy, rancid food…
  • Liver, human vitamins.

All information and knowledge about Alaskan dogs can be found in the Alaskan dogs information section

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There are many foods that dogs cannot eat, you can see more in the following table

Dogs should not be fed.

What do Alaskan dogs eat? good dog food

Because they are large dogs that love to exercise, their diet must also be adequate. Adequate intake of protein, fat, vitamins and fiber is essential. Especially with the Alaska Giant line of dogs, providing enough nutrition is a big decision for their body and coat development.

Fresh foods need processing


Probably Alaska’s favorite food. Beef also provides the most complete protein for them. Also, you can combine pork and chicken to change the flavor and improve the nutrition of dogs.

Fresh vegetables

In addition to fats and proteins, you should also provide fiber to dogs because vegetables help them digest more easily. However, most dog breeds hate vegetables. Grind and mix rice or porridge. Boss will be hard to spot.

Alaskan Giant Dog Diet

egg roll

It provides proteins and fats to feed their feathers and help them develop in the most comprehensive way.

Alaska dry dog ​​food available

If you are one of those who do not have much time to prepare dog food, you can use the available dry food. These foods are nutritionally balanced by the manufacturer.

There are many types of dry dog ​​food like powdered milk, pellets. Depending on the age of the dog, you can choose accordingly. Gradually increasing the hardness of the food will help your dog develop better teething and chewing skills. There are many reputable dog food manufacturers on the market, such as Royal Canin, Ganador, Pedigree…

If you use dry food, you must provide enough water for the dog.


  • Don’t let your dog eat raw food. You may have seen Alaskan dogs in foreign countries eat raw food just fine, but in Vietnam. The amount of raw food is not good for the dog because of the poor quality of the food.
  • Train meal times and meals so that your dog gets used to it, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to control your dog when it grows up.

Good luck.