What color is the most beautiful veiny dog ​​in Phu Quoc?

Chó vện Phú Quốc màu nào đẹp nhất?

Phu Quoc dog Many people like to choose them because of their color. They are even ranked today as the top choice among dog coat colors according to the saying “golden, three-potted, four-pointed”. Therefore, the price of such dogs is always higher than that of ordinary dogs. If you intend to buy Phu Quoc dogs and especially Phu Quoc dogs, do not ignore this article.

What color is the most beautiful Phu Quoc puppy?

Below is a list of colors that you should buy or increase in priority according to the majority trend. And if it is according to your own preferences, it is easier to buy the color you like.

Phu Quoc Tiger Bulldog

Needless to say, I can already imagine what they looked like. Possessing a brindle color like tigers, many people choose them. In fact, it’s just for beauty, in fact, the majesty cannot be matched. These dogs, the darker and shinier the coat, the more they are valued. On the other hand, black, dark and gray will not have a high price.

Phu Quoc dog guarding the tigerPhu Quoc dog guarding the tiger

Phu Quoc dog with fire protection

Striped dogs have red, reddish, and light-colored coats. These are quite rare colors so their prices are quite high. Even if he is not brindle but only red, he is particularly appreciated. The most famous individual of this color is the Crazy Red. It is a legendary Phu Quoc dog with exquisite beauty and has won many high prizes in Phu Quoc dog competitions.

Phu Quoc Fire DogPhu Quoc Fire Dog

Phu Quoc dog guarding white tiger

The highest prices right now are the white tigers. They are dogs with an uncommon coat color and many favorites. He looks like a white tiger but is actually a Phu Quoc dog. This dress color has the highest price among dress colors. Also, it is not easy to find male dogs to mix with the white tiger color. White is also quite clean and well-liked. However, there are not many white Phu Quoc dogs. If there are any, they are classified as non-pure hybrid dogs.

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Phu Quoc White Tiger White DogPhu Quoc White Tiger White Dog

Phu Quoc Black Bulldog

Black locks are not liked by many people. They even have the lowest prices among dog coat colors. Maybe because the black and gray colors look quite dirty, so their prices are like that. If you compare two dogs with the same characteristics, only the color of the coat is different, the price of a white tiger dog can be one and a half times higher than twice that of a black and dark breed dog.

Phu Quoc dog with black and silver cheekbonesPhu Quoc dog with black and silver cheekbones

How much does a dog cost in Phu Quoc?

It is difficult to give a price for each line because many factors influence the price such as the pure breed, the age as well as the different parents of the seller. So we take the 10 million mark as the scale corresponding to point 10. Just like that, the following milestones will have the same number of points. It’s for objectivity, guys.

  • Phu Quoc dog with white tiger, white brindle 10 million ~ 10 points.
  • Phu Quoc dog with yellow streaks, 7-8 million ~ 7-8 points.
  • Phu Quoc dogs with black, gray and dark streaks 4-5 million ~ 4-6 points.

It can be seen that black breed dogs, dark gray breed dogs have the lowest prices. It is quite understandable that this color is not as prominent as other colors. Their quantity is quite large, so the price is high. Even if you look at the dark color, you can immediately think of the Phu Quoc dog from the TS MIlan dog farm. And that’s only for those who play a lot.

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Why do Phu Quoc white tigers have the highest prices?

If you have ever looked to buy this type of dog, know that it is not easy to find a white tiger dog from Phu Quoc. Small quantity, rare is also a feature that makes their prices higher than usual.

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Obviously, this is the factor that drives the price of Phu Quoc white dogs to increase several times. It is not easy to find brindle parents to give birth to a brindle puppy. Not to mention whether the dog is beautiful or not, then finding one you like is harder than going to heaven bro.

many buyers

As the quantity is small and the buyers are more, the competitive price must increase, which is understandable. Just open the one that doesn’t close and someone will help you. Do not believe the groups of dog traders in Phu Quoc to see.

What color is the most beautiful Phu Quoc puppy?What color is the most beautiful Phu Quoc puppy?

aesthetic beauty

If you have to choose between a fire dog and a white tiger, up to 9 out of 10 people choose the white tiger. Both beautiful and aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, this choice is completely normal. People also give more preference to Phu Quoc white tiger terriers over other colors.

crowded community

Owning a white tiger dog is almost a pride of ownership. Can be bred according to preference, breeding or breeding. Either way, they can help homeowners earn even more money from them. If we compare two dogs with the same criteria, the Phu Quoc dog with white tiger and white stripes always has a higher price. Even when it comes to breeding, the owner of the white tiger dog cries out for a more expensive price, but the customer still has to choose because it is not easy to find a white tiger dog around his area.

Why are Phu Quoc dogs dark and cheap?

There are so many reasons, but most are their beauty. The dark brindle color is ash gray and looks quite dirty, so few people like it. It’s no different than a tabby cat, a cat that hangs around the kitchen all day with dirty pans, so it doesn’t look good. Also, the most important thing is still the unpopular gaming community, so the low price is understandable.

With Chocanh.vn sharing, we hope dog owners will know why Phu Quoc dogs are so loved. Which Phu Quoc dog color to choose for the best, highest and best price? Quick hands the white tiger dog, white brindle with its great beauty. And if you want to choose according to your preferences, depending on economic conditions, you can choose to buy any color.