What cat litter is good? cat litter brands

What cat litter is good?  cat litter brands

Cat litter with Bosses is something irreplaceable, even cat litter is more important than pate, chicken…

Whether you’re a newcomer to cats or a seasoned owner, cat litter is something you can’t help but buy. However, there are many cat owners who do not need to use prepared litter, but instead potty train their cats in the correct place. This method can be very good, but it requires the owner to be patient and take a lot of time to prepare.

For this reason, prepared litter is always the #1 choice when raising cats, especially in an apartment environment with a modest growing area these days.

Where does cat litter come from?

Perhaps very few people know the history of cat litter. But no one cares much because he just lets go of the cat @@!.

Cat Cat was born during World War II when people kept cats in the basement. Initially, it was simply a kitchen ash in a box, but by their nature, cats carry ash around the house causing discomfort to the owners.

Thus the modern healthcare arena was born. And surprisingly, the creator of cat litter is a sailor ^^!. He used clay to create a large grain ash with good absorbency. This type of clay is specialized to absorb water in industrial areas.

They suck so fast it’s amazing. Since then, kitty litter has quickly become popular to this day.

The origin of cat litterThe origin of cat litter. internet photos

Clay is made up of many small particles. These small particles control odors and absorb water better than ash, which is used to make kitty litter.

At the same time, the litter particles are large, so it is not easy to stick to the cat’s paws. They won’t get caught up and scattered all over the house.

Also, cat litter has the ability to coagulate very well. With modern technology like today, cat litter is also added with a scent, but cats generally only like unscented litter.

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So depending on the characteristics and personality of the cat, the owner can choose the appropriate cat litter.

Some previous studies have also suggested that kittens may even ingest their litter, which is a pretty dangerous sign that heralds some cat diseases. Therefore, when you find that your cat shows signs of eating bath sand, you should immediately take him to the veterinary clinic.

It is simply a symptom of a disease such as anemia. Eating toilet litter in small amounts almost does not affect the cat’s development too much, except for the case that the amount of litter entering the body is too large, it will cause intestinal obstruction and adversely affect the digestive system of cats.

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Alternative Types of Cat Litter

In fact, the development of technology also causes cat litter to change and improve in terms of materials to make it more environmentally friendly.

This super light litter is made from natural products such as bean pods, wheat, sawdust… Most of them are easily degradable and safe for the environment.

Choosing cat litterChoosing cat litter. internet photos

However, the choice of cat litter to use is not for us, this is decided by the Bosses themselves.

What kind of sand they like, they will defecate in that sand. If they don’t like it, the cat will leave the house indiscriminately, making the Sen uncomfortable.

Once cats have liked a litter, it is very difficult for them to change or change for a long time because by changing the type of cat litter, they will not recognize their toileting area and often get confused and confused. The confusion of the litter box for cats is also due to other causes

  • sudden change of toilet
  • Changing the litter has a different smell than before
  • The Sens clean these litter boxes so clean that the cats don’t recognize the familiarity.
  • The layout of too few litter boxes in the house is too wide, which makes cats feel confused when cleaning.
  • Not trained to adapt to sand from a young age.
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Some brands of cat litter

Me-o cat litter

Cat owners in Vietnam may not be too familiar with Meo’s cat litter products. In which, the Me-o Cat Litter product line is considered the most used product today.

This is a quality natural product from Me-o made from sodium bentonite which is highly hygroscopic and limits odors when cats groom themselves. This type of sand is very sensitive to moisture as it coagulates in the presence of moist air.

Me-o's Cat DisinfectantCat Sanitary Cat Me-o. internet photos

The cats when cleaning in the sand pile up and your task is to sing to them to throw them away. Avoid putting it in the toilet. In addition, the Me-o toilet sand also limits the number of bacteria and the pleasant light scent makes it easy for Sen to clear the battlefield for Boss at any time.

Sanitary litter for cats – CATSAN

CATSAN is also one of many types of sand that I have used. This type of litter is also quite good, it is made of natural materials and clumps easily, it smells good and ensures the hygiene of your cat and your home.

However, CATSAN cat litter is priced higher than ME-O. Many people are still confused when they use this product for their cats.

Crystal Clean Glass Sanitizer

They are hygienic and safe products, they are the most absorbent of the 3 types and they prevent deodorant extremely effectively. Your cleaning process will be shortened thanks to this range of glass sand products. The way to use the sand is similar to that of other products such as Me-o or Catsan…

crystal litter for catsCrystal sand specifically for cats. internet photos

Lines of Litter Litter Products Made in Japan

Japanese cat litter often has a much better absorbent effect than conventional product lines, you can also choose scented and unscented products. This requires a lot from the Boss.

Japanese products are mostly of high quality, contain many natural ingredients, and combined with added fragrances, make Japanese products gradually dominate the market. You can be sure of the quality of the product from Japanese sand lines.