INCURIN® TABLETS: A Solution for Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Are you a pet owner struggling with your female dog’s urinary incontinence? Look no further than Incurin® Tablets! This pharmaceutical marvel, containing estriol, is designed to control estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs. Let’s delve deeper into the features, benefits, and safety of this remarkable product.

Proven Effectiveness and Convenient Dosage

Incurin® Tablets have been clinically proven to be highly effective in reducing or even eliminating urinary incontinence in dogs. In fact, a staggering 93% of treated dogs experienced improvement or complete continence within just 6 weeks of starting the treatment.

The convenience of Incurin® shines through in its once-a-day dosing regimen. This means no more complicated schedules or excessive pill counting. With just one simple starting dose, suitable for all female dogs, and a single tablet size to stock, managing your dog’s urinary incontinence has never been easier.

Safety Comes First

Your dog’s well-being is of utmost importance, which is why Incurin® Tablets have been extensively studied to ensure safety and efficacy. A long-term field study involving 324 client-owned female dogs revealed excellent tolerance to Incurin® over a 42-month period.

Internationally recognized for over 16 years, Incurin® has a remarkable safety record. Moreover, its short receptor binding time minimizes the risk of estrogen-related side effects, giving you peace of mind as you administer treatment to your beloved pet.

Administration and Dosage

Administering Incurin® Tablets is a breeze. Simply give the tablets orally to your dog, and the therapeutic magic will begin. Regardless of your dog’s body weight, the initial dose is always two 1 mg tablets daily. After observing the response, the dosage can be titrated down to the lowest effective dose.

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Remember, it’s essential to allow a minimum of 7 days between each dose adjustment. Once you’ve identified the lowest daily dose that controls urinary incontinence, you can even further decrease the dose by administering the tablets once every 2 days.

The Journey to Continence

Incurin® Tablets can truly transform your dog’s life by restoring urinary continence. The majority of dog owners who participated in a study reported significant improvements in their pets after treatment with Incurin®. The positive results speak for themselves:

  • 93% of dogs treated with Incurin® were improved or continent within 6 weeks.
  • 51% of dogs were able to reduce their dose to less than 2 mg daily, with an astounding 99% experiencing improvement or continence within the same time frame.

93% Continence

Safety is Paramount

Safety studies have shown that Incurin® poses no bone marrow suppression risk, even at five times the maximum label dose. Extensive field studies, lasting up to 1,396 days, demonstrated the exceptional tolerance of Incurin® in spayed female dogs.

Incurin® has been safely used worldwide for more than 16 years, with rare occurrences of adverse reactions. The most common observed reactions were vulvar swelling, attractiveness to male dogs, gastrointestinal signs, and localized or generalized hormonal-pattern alopecia.

Dosing Made Simple

Dosing your dog with Incurin® Tablets is a straightforward process. Unlike other medications, Incurin® doesn’t depend on body weight for dosage calculations. All dogs start with an initial dose of 2 mg (two 1-mg tablets), taken orally once a day for a minimum of 14 days.

After achieving control of urinary incontinence, the aim is to determine the lowest effective daily dose. This is done by decreasing the dose gradually from 2 mg to 1 mg, and eventually to 0.5 mg, depending on your dog’s response. Always allow a minimum of 7 days between dose adjustments.

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Please remember that dogs should not receive more than 2 mg of Incurin® per day. If your dog doesn’t respond to this dosage, it’s crucial to reassess the diagnosis and consult your veterinarian for further guidance.

Incurin® Titration Chart

Incurin® Tablets are indicated for the control of estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence in ovariohysterectomized dogs. It’s important to note that the safety and effectiveness of Incurin® have not been evaluated in dogs under 1 year of age, intact female dogs, male dogs, dogs used for breeding, or lactating dogs. In addition, Incurin® is contraindicated in dogs exhibiting polyuria secondary to polydipsia or in pregnant dogs.

For additional information, including complete directions and warnings, please refer to the full prescribing information available with the product.

Don’t let urinary incontinence hinder your dog’s happiness. With Incurin® Tablets, your furry friend can regain control and enjoy a life filled with comfort and freedom. So, why wait? Start your dog’s journey to continence today!

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