What are the most notable Snow Dog breeds and characteristics?

What are the most notable Snow Dog breeds and characteristics?

Snow Dog is a common name for dogs that live in cold regions such as North America, the Arctic, and Europe. Let’s discover the most beautiful breeds of snow dogs with chocan!

General characteristics of the snow dog breed

Maybe many of you still confuse Snow dog with a dog’s name. However, it is only a common name for dog breeds that live in cold and harsh climates. We can mention some typical names like Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, …

  • Most snow dog breeds have their own unique characteristics.
  • The first habitat effects are cold climates, so when adopted around the world they still need a cool environment.
  • The body structure is perfect for adapting to icy conditions, temperatures < 0°C.
  • The coat has a 2-layered texture. The inner layer is soft and the outer layer is thicker and coarser. They are very waterproof. When breeding, owners need special care and regular grooming.
  • Snow dog breeds have a large amount of food to store fat and ensure good health.
  • A hunter’s instinct. Therefore, owners should let them walk, run, and jump often.
  • He is a very loyal dog. If in the natural environment they are absolutely loyal to the leader, then when brought up they will pay special attention to their owners.

The most beautiful breeds of snow dogs in the world

The 5 most beautiful snow dog breeds in the world that we cannot ignore are Alaskan, Husky, Samoyed, Chow Chow and Akita. Do you know these dog breeds? Let’s find out together here.

alaskan dog

Alaskan breed dog, sweet personality and absolutely loyalAlaskan breed dog, sweet personality and absolutely loyal

Alaska is the most unique and intelligent snow dog in the world. Their face resembles a dangerous and ferocious werewolf. However, the nature of Alaska is quite gentle and close. Alaska’s body is very solid and strong. The skeleton is large, especially the leg bones. The coat is thick, silky and comes in gray, black and white or full body colors.

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The size of the Alaskan breed is quite large. Males can measure between 61 and 66 cm and weigh between 36 and 43 kg. Especially for females, they will be around 56-61cm tall and weigh between 32-39kg. The average lifespan of the Alaskan Snow Dog is around 10 to 14 years.

This breed of dog has a very good memory for sugar. They often run and jump, play and above all live in harmony with all the members of the family.

Currently, the price of Alaskan dogs is quite varied depending on coat color, size, origin, etc. Usually the price ranges from around 8 to more than 100 million VND.

husky dog

Husky is the next breed of snow dog loved by many people with an expressive face. In Vietnam, Husky is becoming more and more popular due to its friendly, cheerful and cute personality. It is possible that many people easily confuse Husky with Alaska. However, in terms of size, the Husky is a bit smaller.

Husky breed eyes have many impressive colorsHusky breed eyes have many impressive colors

For the Husky male, the height is about 53-58 cm, the weight is 20-27 kg. In females, the average height is 51-56 cm, weight is about 16-23 kg. The lifespan of this breed is about 12-15 years.

The peculiarity of the Husky is its very beautiful eyes. It can be available in a variety of colors such as brown, blue, amber, or a mix or combination of all three.

The price of Husky dogs is not the same. Usually, the price range varies from 7 to more than 40 million VND.

Samoyed dog

If you like cuteness, then the Samoyed Snow Dog is the breed you are looking for. Samoyed is from Russia, the coat is beautiful and magnificent, long, thick and snow-white. Dogs are intelligent, agile and extremely industrious by nature.

The snow-white coat color of the Samoyed dog breed is extremely beautifulThe snow-white coat color of the Samoyed dog breed is extremely beautiful

In terms of size, this dog has a strong and well-proportioned appearance. Males are about 53-60cm tall and weigh 20-30kg. Females appear to be smaller, 48-53cm tall, weighing 16-20kg. The average lifespan of a Samoyed is between 10 and 12 years.

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Compared to the two snow dog breeds mentioned above, this species has a lower selling price. You can buy it in a price range from 1 to over 20 million. The more the dogs are from Europe, the more complete the documents, the higher the price.

Chow Chow dog

Snow Chow Chow dog face creates special cutenessSnow Chow Chow dog face creates special cuteness

Chow Chow is originally a breed of snow dog loved by the ancient aristocracy, originating from China. Their body is slightly round, plump like a bear. Cute features like a big round head, a flat forehead. The eyes are slightly small, the ears are round and small, the nose is large. The color of the coat is quite varied, ranging from cream to dark blue, passing through fawn or white.

The average size of the Chow Chow is 43 to 51 cm and weighs around 20 to 32 kg. The age of this breed is about 9-15 years.

Currently, the price of Snow Chow Chow dogs in the market is quite diverse. The price varies from 10 to more than 25 million VND depending on the breed of dog and the state of health.

Akita dog

It is a valuable breed of snow dog, originally from Japan. The Akita Inu is considered the official and national dog breed of this country. Their personalities are quite docile, devoted and loving towards their owners. In particular, they are also very intelligent, careful and courageous.

The Akita dog breed is known for its absolute loyalty to its owner.The Akita dog breed is known for its absolute loyalty to its owner.

Regarding the characteristics of Akita’s body, he is quite tall, the body is strong and well proportioned. The size of the male is about 66-71 cm in height, 34-54 kg in weight. For females, the height reaches 61-66 cm, the weight is about 34-50 kg. The lifespan of this breed is about 10-12 years.

Currently, Akita is bred a lot in Vietnam. Normally the price is 10-25 million VND/child if born in the country. Particularly with imported varieties, it can reach from 35 to 100 million VND/head.

Currently, due to the ease of transportation as well as improved living conditions, snow dog breeds are increasingly bred. They become friends, family members with attachment and love.