What are the benefits of cat mint? Be careful when using cat grass

What are the benefits of cat mint?  Be careful when using cat grass

Catnip or catnip with the English name Catnip is a plant that is very popular with cats and has a stimulating effect on cats. In fact, this is just a high fiber plant and is good for cats when used in moderation.

By using catnip, they will have some special reactions that have a stimulating effect that makes cats excited. You may not know that apart from making cats excited, catnip also helps them digest bones much easier. Mint provides many vitamins and minerals to cats to help balance their nutrition.

What is cat grass? What is cat grass?

In addition, you also know that cats lose their hair and have a habit of licking their hair every day, which causes a large amount of hair to accumulate in the stomach. Cat grass has the effect of stimulating cats to spit up hair, which limits intestinal obstruction and bloating, and reduces the risk of digestive diseases in cats effectively. Peppermint is also a great stress reliever for kitties.

Characteristics of catnip, spearmint (Catnip)

As mentioned above, Catnip cat creates a sense of excitement in cats when catnip is specifically used to create the illusion, upon smelling or tasting the grass, cats will quickly become excited after a few seconds. It sounds like a drug for humans, but according to scientists, mint does not cause any danger signs in cats. Most of the time, when cats are exposed to catnip, they feel very excited and comfortable. However, this herb must also be used in a certain dosage.

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There are a few types of cat grass, cat mint grass

There are up to 250 species of catnip in the world, but only a few are commonly used. Catnip (Nepeta cataria), Catnip (Nepeta camphorata), Catmint (Nepeta mussinii)… In which, Catnip Cataria is the most popular type of catnip. In this herb there is a chemical compound called Netpetalactone that helps cats to be excited, they are also considered a sedative for humans.

catnipCatnip type grass. internet photos

How to use catnip

Catnip is often put into toys or sprinkled on the cattree by Sens to get cats more interested in playing and climbing, but most catnip is often used in the form of small crumbs that they are put into toys or toys. routine.

Peppermint should not be used in very young cats, only an appropriate dose should be used for adult cats by putting it in a toy so they can easily smell or taste it. You only need to put 2-3 grams on the cat’s toy or in front of them. Cats will smell or taste, and in a matter of minutes they will have different sensations and behaviors.

Characteristics of cat grass.Characteristics of catnip. internet photos

Some symptoms after using cat grass

Catnip is only effective for a short time, so it is safe for cats and has no dangerous side effects. Some signs when cats are using grass are purring, sneezing, and other unusual behaviors, such as rolling around on the ground.

According to many studies, cat grass will help them to be more aroused, improve health and prevent hairballs in the cat’s tummy.

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Caution: Excessive use in high doses will foul cats with the grass flavor, making them unresponsive to grass use and may cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, it is necessary to use a moderate and reasonable dose.