Is a Weighted Blanket Safe for Cats?

These days, weighted blankets have become as popular as herbal teas and blue light blockers, all promising to improve our sleep quality. But what about our furry companions? Can cats safely sleep under a weighted blanket? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and provide alternative options for creating a cozy sleeping environment for your beloved feline friends.

Orange and white cat with green eyes under a blanket - why do cats go under covers?

Why do cats go under the covers?

We, as pet parents, know that some cats love to crawl under the covers with us, while others prefer to keep their distance. If your cat falls into the first category, have you ever wondered why they do this? There are several reasons behind this adorable behavior:

  • For warmth: Cats are drawn to heat due to their desert origins. With an internal body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit, they need to compensate for greater heat loss than humans. So, if you’re already under the covers, your cat will find it even more enticing.

  • For comfort: Just like how a weighted blanket provides comfort to humans, your regular bed covers have a similar soothing effect on your cat. They might also find comfort in snuggling up next to you under the covers.

  • To hide: Cats tend to seek shelter when they feel vulnerable or frightened. Some choose to hide under the bed, while others prefer the safety and security of the covers.

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What are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets are blankets filled with plastic or glass beads that provide pressure therapy. This therapy applies a calming amount of pressure across the entire body, helping to alleviate anxiety, restlessness, and other sleep issues. Sleep experts recommend choosing a weighted blanket that’s approximately 10 percent of your body weight. For adults, this usually means a weight between 10 and 30 pounds.

So, is a weighted blanket safe for cats?

Now, let’s address the main question: Is it safe for your cat to sleep under a weighted blanket? Considering that sleep experts advise using a blanket that weighs 10 percent of your body weight, we can conclude that it’s not safe for cats to sleep under a weighted blanket. The average weight of a cat is around 10 pounds, which means a weighted blanket would be too heavy for them.

Would you want to sleep under a blanket that weighs as much as you?

Allowing your cat to sleep under a weighted blanket can be risky. Their small size makes it difficult for them to crawl out from under the blanket without assistance. Therefore, it’s best to avoid letting your cat sleep under a weighted blanket to ensure their safety.

Weighted blanket alternatives: Cozy cat beds!

Now that we know weighted blankets are not suitable for cats, let’s explore some alternative options to provide comfort for your feline friend. Check out these cozy cat beds and cat sacs from Katten TrimSalon:

Krinkle Furry Cat Sac

Cozy cat beds - furry cat sac with orange Persian cat

This ultra-soft cat hideaway will give your cat the same cozy feeling as crawling under the covers.

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Get it for $30

Cat Cube

Cozy cat beds - cat cube with brown and white tabby cat

Your kitty can use this as an enclosed cat house with a soft cushion. Alternatively, you can press the top of the cube inward to create a comfy flattened cat bed.

Get it for $32

Cat Bungalow

Cozy cat beds - cat bungalow with British Shorthair cat

This soft enclosed bed provides your cat with privacy, and the separate foam cushion is perfect for curling up on. The walls also shield your cat from household commotion.

Get it for $22

Bamboo Cat Cavern

Cozy cat beds - bamboo cat cavern with grey tabby cat

Among our cozy cat beds, this bamboo cavern stands out with its sustainable bamboo and plush interior and roof.

Get it for $35

Corduroy Cat Tunnel

Cozy cat beds - corduroy cat tunnel with white Siberian cat

This tunnel made of soft corduroy fabric provides a comfortable lounging spot for your cat. You can choose the size and color that best fits your household.

Get it for $22-$30

So, the answer to whether a weighted blanket is safe for cats is clear. It’s better to opt for one of these cozy cat beds as an alternative. Your beloved feline companion will appreciate having their own special place to relax and sleep.

Cover photo by Carla Luca de Tena on Unsplash

Siamese cat under a white blanket - is a weighted blanket safe for cats?