Vietnamese phu quoc dogs

Vietnamese phu quoc dogs

The Phu Quoc Dog, also known by the Vietnamese nickname Quoc Khuyen, is a special breed from the island of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

They are considered precious dogs with a distinctive swirling feature on their backs that sets them apart from other breeds. This breed has also won many major awards at many Dog Show competitions. In addition, Vietnam is also famous for the Four Great National Dogs, namely Bac Ha, Phu Quoc, Indochinese Dingo, and H’Mong Coc.

Although the dog is the symbol of Vietnam, the Phu Quoc dog is still considered a mystery to dog lovers today.

Vietnamese phu quoc dogsVietnamese phu quoc dog. youtube source

The Lai Dog or Indochinese Dingo is also known as the National Dog of Vietnam. Let us learn more about this breed of dog through the article.

Origin of the Phu Quoc variety

According to Wikipedia – Phu Quoc Dog, there is currently no precise information to determine the ancestry and origin of this breed.

According to previous opinions, the French brought their ridgeback breed to the island and thanks to crossbreeding with native dogs, the Phu Quoc breed of dog was born today.

There are also many opinions that this breed originates from Thailand because its vortex is quite similar to the Thai Ridgeback. However, this idea also received mixed responses from dog lovers. It wasn’t until 2008 that the Phu Quoc breed from Vietnam was recognized by the International Dog Association.

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Characteristics of purebred Phu Quoc dogs

The PQ dog has a very recognizable characteristic, which is swirling hair on its back, webbed feet, and is considered an intelligent and loyal dog.

On the contrary, according to some famous PQ dog owners in Ho Chi Minh City, purebred PQ dogs do not necessarily have a vortex on their backs.

swirling in the people

2 purebred Phu Quoc puppies still have the production rate of non-vortex puppies. This proportion represents about 40% after each mating. Therefore, judging purebred dogs by their fur and the signs of swirls along their backs is unfounded.

Many dog ​​lovers love Phu Quoc because of this vortex, so they choose PQ dogs that also have a vortex on their back.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Phu Quoc dogsDog body features. iInternet source

webbed feet of duck

The second feature is webbed feet, which are common in other dog breeds when they stretch out the soles of their feet. Good swimmers may be due to the living conditions on the island that make them have to adapt and get used to it.

The short, closed coat is also characteristic of this breed. They usually have 4 basic colors that are yellow, brindle, spotted and black…

Brindles are preferred by many dog ​​owners because they are quite beautiful and attractive. PQ dogs can grow up to 25 kg, the body is similar to our dog with upright ears and a long muzzle. The long, slender legs have a burrowing habit.

The physical characteristics above are based solely on the breeding experience of seasoned dog lovers, there is currently no standard by which to judge a purebred PQ dog.

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To determine if a dog is a purebred, it is not necessary for the owner to have a photo of the parents or a certificate from a reputable canine organization.

Phu Quoc breed personality

The Phu Quoc Dog is an extremely intelligent and loyal breed of dog. They are so wise and obedient that they do not eat food that does not belong to their owners.

Training them is not too difficult. This is a dog with keen senses, even many people claim that they are not inferior to shepherds in terms of training.

However, PQ dogs are very wary of strangers, often being used to watch the house.

Being a dog breed with high natural instincts, Phu Quoc always loves to hunt, its favorite prey are wild boars, mice, rodents… Once the target is identified, it is very difficult to get rid of the PQ dog.

Phu Quoc DoglegCharacteristics of the dog’s paw. internet photos

In addition to hunting instinct, the PQ dog also has a habit of digging.

How much does it cost to buy a beautiful Phu Quoc dog breed?

Currently in Vietnam PQ dogs have many colors from yellow, black, brindle. Their prices fluctuate according to the color chosen by the owner. These dogs usually cost from 3 to 5 million.

And, of course, tiger-colored dogs are more appreciated for their aesthetic side.

A PQ dog with a beautiful brindle costs between 5 and 7 million. Paper dogs are always taller than undocumented dogs. There are even many people who even go to the remote Phu Quoc Island so that they can keep a purebred dog on the island.