Unleash the Fun: 10 Must-Have Dog Toys for Hours of Entertainment

Some interactive toys require more planning and time to construct, but the results often make the effort worth while. One such toy features a large frame equipped with dowel and two plastic soda bottles filled with treats that dogs must lick away in order to access.

1. Ball-Launching Toys

Buy an interactive ball launcher to give your dog plenty of exercise while saving your arm. They also allow you to collect his/her slobbery tennis balls without touching them directly, saving time when collecting balls from various spots around the home or yard.

This automatic thrower features three angles and can launch 2.5-inch tennis balls up to 40 feet. With its large hopper at the top, your dog can safely drop their own ball in and wait for launch; its safety alert buzzer alerts them when its time.

3. Licking Mats

These mats, typically constructed of silicone rubber or TPR plastic, allow you to spread food onto it and challenge your pup to work for it. Available in various shapes from flat squares to bowl-like ones that wobble, they present your dog with an interesting challenge that keeps them busy while rewarding him or her with rewards.

Sinn recommends adding something extra, like sugar or frozen fruit, to keep dogs interested and prevent too much of their food being eaten too quickly – something which could otherwise encourage undesirable behavior in them.

4. Ball-Retrieving Toys

Sinn stresses the importance of selecting toys suitable for your dog’s size. Too small toys could pose a choking hazard or simply bore your pup, she adds.

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For fetching sessions, consider investing in a flexible rubber flyer that’s easy for pups to grab and retrieve. Kong offers one that floats for water fetch games as well as an included launcher for high-flying fun. Our testers loved it as it’s durable enough for daily play and safe on teeth and furniture–making it the ideal alternative to tennis balls!

5. Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats offer mental stimulation while helping speedy eaters savour each bite slowly. By playing hide-and-seek with food or treats on scent-based matting, snuffle mats provide valuable mental enrichment while simultaneously slowing their eating down.

Make one yourself inexpensively using a rubber sink mat and fleece strips, or buy one from handmade retailers like Etsy. Just ensure the toy does not contain small parts that could break off and pose a choking hazard; also be sure to supervise your pet when using one of these toys.

6. Ball-Launching Toys with Treats

Many dog owners enjoy this innovative contraption featuring a heavy spring and an included rope ball, making for a fantastic play toy for their pups. Simply attach the spring to an anchor or tree branch, attaching the rope ball, and let your pup tug to his heart’s content!

This toy may require more effort, but the results make it well worth your while. It can help address a range of issues – from separation anxiety to light-speed feeding behavior – while simultaneously stimulating your pup’s prey drive and catapulting up to 40 feet at three different angles and featuring a large hopper that holds standard tennis balls.

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7. Ball-Retrieving Toys without Treats

Beyond food and water, dogs also require enrichment to thrive. Enrichment activities may include physical activities like playing fetch or mental challenges such as sniffing out hidden treats in puzzle toys.

Choose toys carefully that can withstand chewing; some toys may withstand chewing better than others and should not have parts that could come loose and cause choking hazards for your pup.

8. Ball-Launching Toys with Treats

These toys will keep your dog occupied while also helping alleviate anxiety and boredom. The Toppl Plush Toy can dispense treats when shaken, and will move around unpredictably as a fun source of entertainment!

Hide-A-Squirrel is a plush puzzle toy designed to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated. Most owners reported their pups enjoyed it, although some reported it quickly becoming dull for their pup.

9. Ball-Retrieving Toys with Treats

If your pup likes frisbees but prefers not to gnaw on them, the KONG Flyer provides a gentler alternative that protects teeth and gums while floating for beach or pool play! Plus it floats!

This plush tug toy is tough enough for aggressive chewers and is packed with treats to keep dogs entertained. Available in multiple sizes with various animal patterns, this toy is manufactured by a family-run business committed to giving back to pet shelters and rescue groups.

10. Ball-Retrieving Toys without Treats

Certain toys – like snuffle mats from Outward Hound — feature many small plush toys with internal squeakers for dogs to sniff out. Meanwhile, others such as this Hedgiez ball allow you to fill them up with treats or other valuable items for maximum fun!

This Kong Wobbler is an excellent option for dogs who love playing fetch, since its durable material and raised ribs discourage chewing. Many pet parents also appreciate its American manufacturing and easy loading – and it floats!