Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

Finding food you feel good about feeding to your cat can be challenging, so when shopping for canned or dry cat foods make sure the first ingredient listed is identified whole meat with no wheat gluten (this can cause gastric distress) present in its formula.

Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet and Orijen use ingredients sourced to mimic your cat’s natural diet and offer tailored formulas to address specific dietary requirements.

1. Made by Nacho

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and Nacho, his Maine Coon cat, have collaborated to launch Made by Nacho: wet food, dry food, and treats designed to address feline taste and nutrition. These tasty creations were developed with help from culinary and feline nutrition experts.

Made by Nacho recipes use high quality ingredients that provide cats with plenty of protein for muscle growth and energy production. Furthermore, Made by Nacho avoids artificial additives which could pose risks to feline health.

Many pet owners report that their cats readily accept Made by Nacho products, with its balanced nutrition and high protein levels contributing to their wellbeing. Furthermore, many cats seem to appreciate its flavorful appeal – an additional plus point for picky eaters!

2. Smalls

Smalls is a fresh food company offering subscription models. Simply complete a questionnaire about your cat and they’ll send meal plan suggestions tailored specifically for her or him. Select your recipe, and each month they deliver fresh packages of cold meals packed in ice-cold packages to your door!

Ingredients used are of premium quality and recipes are healthy; there’s no corn, soy or fillers; nor artificial flavors or preservatives added during production. Vegetables like green beans, kale and peas provide essential vitamins and nutrients that complement meat proteins for an enhanced protein profile.

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All Smalls recipes are lovingly prepared using only high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced – wet foods are produced in Chicago, Illinois; freeze-dried food comes from Green Bay Wisconsin; and their kibble is manufactured in Brainerd Minnesota. Taking sustainability seriously, Smalls also partners with shelters to support adoption and rescue efforts as well as offer money-back guarantees and free trial packages so customers can make an informed decision if Smalls is best suited for them and their feline friends.

3. Orijen

As its name implies, Orijen uses high-grade meats and botanicals in its recipes for cat food. Most Orijen foods contain less than 5% carbs on a dry matter basis compared with the typically 20% or so found in commercial cat foods; additionally, none of its products use any irradiated ingredients like some other pet food manufacturers do.

Orijen’s formulas adhere to a “whole prey diet” philosophy and incorporate all parts of an animal that cats would consume naturally in the wild – including fish like Atlantic mackerel and herring as well as nutritious poultry liver and heart.

Orijen also features a variety of low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, such as spinach greens, red Delicious apples, Bartlett pears, and cranberries. Furthermore, Orijen contains various legumes including whole red lentils, green lentils, and pinto beans for even further nutrition.

Orijen stands out among other cat food options by not using any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives – an advantage which makes it suitable for cats with allergies and sensitivities.

4. Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak is one of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers when it comes to ethical sourcing practices, using only ethically raised meats and sustainable seafood ingredients in its foods that are packed with nutrition – meaning even small portions last a long time! Their foods also have low carbohydrate counts while being free from gluten grains potatoes or legumes – meaning your pup gets only what he or she needs!

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This brand offers dry and wet food made with protein from various animal sources such as rabbit, venison and hoki fish from New Zealand. Their food boasts high levels of protein as well as organ meats, bones and other components essential for feline nutrition.

This company uses only natural preservatives and does not add any artificial colors or flavors. They test for bacteria contamination, yeast growth, and heavy metal contamination prior to producing their foods.

Ziwi Peak provides an assortment of foods tailored for both cats and dogs. Their air-dried treats feature low carbohydrates with high meat content, boasting 96% New Zealand-sourced meats, bones and organs sourced directly from them; plus there’s no grains or fillers. In addition, Ziwi Peak also offers wet food solutions designed to combat food allergies while improving digestion, joint health and weight management – providing optimal care at affordable rates!

5. Friskies

This brand has long been a favorite among cat owners, offering various delicious recipes sure to please even the pickiest felines. Plus, its protein content makes this food essential for felines!

Friskies Savory Shreds with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna is one of the favorite recipes among cats. Packed full of protein and conveniently packaged into cans for older and smaller kitties to consume it easily, its flavor also make it a favorite food option.

One downside of this food is its limited selection of quality meat ingredients; its first two ingredients, ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal, serve primarily as fillers; in addition, none of its meat sources is identified – something many cat owners would prefer over any food with subpar quality ingredients. Even so, most cats can still benefit from feeding this formula regularly.