Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

Based on celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s orange Maine coon cat, Made by Nacho is an exciting newcomer to the cat food world. Their Chicken, Duck & Quail Kibble offers rich animal proteins as well as freeze-dried chicken liver pieces to provide maximum nutritional benefit for cats.

Their holistic approach has earned them rave reviews from pet experts.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is one of the world’s leading cat food brands and is recommended by veterinarians around the globe. Their products can be found at many retailers as well as their own website; and each variety meets specific breed and life stage needs; for instance, their Indoor Long Hair Cat Dry Food can help address issues like fecal odor and hairball management while offering precise caloric intake for weight maintenance and supporting healthy digestion.

Royal Canin’s food is produced at company-owned facilities around the world and staffed with full-time veterinary nutritionists who help formulate it. Royal Canin is also flexible enough to adapt their foods according to new research findings; for example, recently they introduced a low calorie formula specifically tailored towards cats’ health needs.

Royal Canin has outstanding research and quality standards, similar to Hill’s Science Diet; however, some consumers have raised issues regarding some ingredients used by Royal Canin. There have been reports from some cat owners whose pets experienced digestive discomfort after eating Royal Canin food; although these reports have yet to be confirmed by any vet or lab; nevertheless they remain difficult to ignore.

Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet offers formulas tailored specifically for each stage in your cat’s life. Their kitten formulas provide energy-rich food to encourage the rapid development of their brain, eyes, bones, teeth, and body; senior food recipes contain protein and nutrients essential for staying active; while hairball solutions have been researched intensively as natural ways of fighting hairball formation without vomiting.

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Chicken meal is the star ingredient in this cat food formula, providing high-quality animal proteins. Peas provide carbs that support digestion while supporting healthy skin and coat. The food was created to promote digestion while simultaneously reducing hairballs for maximum digestive efficiency and coat health benefits.

Though initially developed for healthy dogs who require extra support in certain aspects of their health, this food has since been tailored for cats as well. Perfect for multiple-cat households and providing various vitamins and minerals essential to optimal wellbeing for all cats!


Orijen produces food designed to mimic what cats would eat in the wild, using high-quality proteins without grains or fillers and offering impressive amounts of fruits and vegetables preserved naturally. Although Orijen can be pricey, many pet owners consider its worth it.

Orijen is a Canadian company committed to producing biologically appropriate foods for pets. Without fillers or chemicals used in its foods, and employing 20 innovation scientists who ensure each bite provides optimal nutrition and balance.

Ingredients come from local prairie farms, freshwater lakes and Pacific coast oceans and orchards, where their ingredients come from animal hearts, livers and bone broth for protein source; whole fish such as clams and mussels as well as vegetables like apples carrots and zucchini provide additional nutrition; whole grains such as whole quinoa or brown rice add fiber content as part of the recipe – making their meals highly palatable and easily digestible for cats.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo provides an extensive range of wet and dry cat food, made largely of natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals from their source, all without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Plus, LifeSource Bits are included to support healthy weight management for your feline companion!

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These recipes are inspired by the diets of wild cats and include vegetables, fruits, and botanicals that nourish wild felines. Furthermore, this company also offers grain-free versions to cater for cats with sensitive stomachs or allergies as well as high protein portions to build muscles in your feline companion.

One great aspect of this cat food is that it does not contain any meat byproducts – an advantage if your feline has trouble with eating! Furthermore, natural ingredients make the food easily digestible for cats. While there may be carbs from potatoes and peas in it, their carbohydrates are much lower in impact compared to competing brands’ carbs and it boasts very low-calorie levels to support weight control issues for felines.


Wellness is one of the leading cat food brands, providing both wet and dry food options as well as treats and kibble toppers. Their recipes are highly nutritious, using ingredients such as chicken liver and turkey meat for added protein; also including lamb and herring for additional meat sources. While some people disdain poultry meal as filler for cats, its nutritional content actually far outstrips that found in real chicken itself! Plus their recipes utilize low glycemic carbohydrates like peas and potatoes that maintain energy levels in cats while providing them with energy boosts!

Wellness offers a diverse selection of wet food for cats, including premium CORE line food as well as budget Signature Select options. Additionally, their Complete Health formula contains low overall phosphorus levels to make it suitable for older cats.

The company takes great pride in being transparent about their manufacturing processes, publishing extensive nutritional analyses for all of their products online and offering prompt responses to any inquiries about them. Furthermore, they use quality ingredients without preservatives or artificial colors.