TOP 5 best hairless dogs in the world

chó không lông

hairless dog Sometimes a great choice for some dog lovers who hate their fur. This may be due to an allergy to dog hair or a shyness in grooming and grooming their hair which cannot be bred with a hairy or shedding dog. So don’t worry, try referring to these hairless dogs.

Dogs with thick, silky coats and long, wagging tails are probably all too familiar to us Vietnamese, and of course, this has become the standard for dog beauty. This is because these dogs are already so popular in the domestic market. Furthermore, there are also many hairless dogs that are not only extremely unique, attractive but also highly intelligent. Let’s find out with me in today’s article.

Peruvian hairless dog

The name of this breed comes from its own characteristics and origin. The majority of this race is hairless, only a few rare individuals have a few short patches of hair on the body, usually appearing in certain places like the top of the tail, the legs or the head. As for the origin, according to many records to be eliminated, this breed originated in Peru. This is why it is called the Peruvian Hairless Dog.

These dogs have a tall and slender body, but still look like a mighty warrior. This breed has a wide variety of skin colors: white, tan, tan or brown and even black. Although the body size is not too large, this breed is a very active dog breed. So, if you want to choose this breed of dog, you need to make sure of a spacious place to be able to create the conditions for them to work according to their instincts.

The price of this breed on the market will fluctuate around 70 million VND/head.

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Xoloitzcuintle hairless dog

Not everyone knows that the Xoloitzcuintle dog breed has 2 lines, which are hairless and completely hairless. It is only a small difference, in general, the two lines of dogs Xoloitzcuintle These almost all require no grooming. However, this is also the point to keep in mind when choosing this breed of dog is their skin. Because they lack a protective, protective coat, their skin is relatively sensitive.

And if the owner wants to breed it, he should pay special attention to this issue. Raising in Vietnam is a question mark as they can bear the harsh climate of Vietnam or not? Many documents say they are the oldest dog breed in the world, the length is around 10 to 25 inches depending on the dog, in general they have a muscular appearance.

The price of Xoloitzcuintle variety is usually 12-18 million VND/head.

Hairless American Terrier

In the 70s of the last century, people bred rat terriers and created 2 American terriers, hairless or hairless. Therefore, the rat terrier is considered to be the ancestor of this hairless terrier. With a weight of around 7 kg and a height of only around 40 cm, this breed is classified as a small dog.

However, this is definitely a “little chilli” dog, because despite its small body, this dog is extremely strong and muscular. It is also thanks to the playful and hyperactive nature that helps these dogs to have a healthy body and always look very happy. Moreover, this breed is also known to be very intelligent, so it can easily hunt small animals.

The price of this hairless dog is around 10-12 million VND/child.

Khala hairless dog

This dog has a maximum height of only about 42 cm, its weight usually varies from 7 to 15 kg depending on the child, so in general, this breed of dog has a rather small appearance. This Hairless Khala Dog Is Considered By Many To Be Breed-Like Appearance Xoloitzcuintle I shared above. Scientists believe that the cause may be that these two breeds have the same ancestor. At first glance, one can see that they are quite similar in appearance.

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This breed has a rather wild character but is extremely loyal to its owner. They can do anything they can, roll over themselves to protect their owners. Therefore, if you intend to possess this Khala, you must train them to bond and tame with those around you to keep everyone safe.

The price of this Khala breed is usually negotiated at around 10 million/head.

Ecuadorian hairless dog

Similar to the hairless Peruvian breed, this Ecuadorian dog breed is also a small dog, weighing only around 11 kg. The height is only about 45 cm. However, this dog has a very special and interesting characteristic, surely when you see it you will immediately recognize this breed, which is their jaw structure without premolars. Although classified as a hairless dog, in fact, on the top of this dog’s head there remains a small tuft of hair, like a tuft of hair. Looking at the good style of young Vietnamese buffalo, it looks quite dirty.

Despite its small body, the Ecuadorian Hound is classified as a hunting dog due to its remarkable ability to hunt small animals. With their small size, they have fast speed and weave through many obstacles.

The price of the Ecuadorian hairless dog is around 5-7 million VND/head.

These hairless dogs look quite funny but sometimes also scare people. Their beauty is hardly comparable to that of furry dogs. For this reason, the number of farmers in Vietnam is not large or can be said to be quite small. If you want to buy, it is not easy to find these people. Apart from importing directly from abroad with high prices, there is no more efficient solution.

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