Tibetan Mastiff Giant Lord of the Steppe

Chó Ngao Tây Tạng - Tibet mastiff

tibetan mastiff famous for his fierce temper when there are anecdotes of fighting with lions. But where does the steppe find lions they can fight? In the nomadic steppe there are only wolves and foxes. They are their opponents only in the protective meetings of the cattle and the people of the nomadic tribes of the mountains of Tibet.

Origin of the Tibetan Mastiff

True to its name, this breed of dog hails from the Tibetan Himalayan mountains. They have lived with indigenous people for hundreds of years with the task of herding and protecting livestock and people during nomadic herding in the desert. It was not until the 18th century that Europeans knew about this breed. However, the number is not large when only a few individuals are brought back. At that time, only high-ranking people, kings and queens could own and raise them. But this time did not last long as they were wiped out by the wars of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Tibetan Mastiff - Tibetan MastiffTibetan Mastiff – Tibetan Mastiff

Currently, the Tibetan giant mastiff is the highest in Tibet, China and other countries in the world. In which, the overwhelming majority became dog breeders in China when fever spiked the price to 1-2 million USD/dog.

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Characteristics of the Tibetan Giant Mastiff

This breed of lion dog looks very interesting and is distinguished by a coat quite similar to the mane of a lion. Their bravery is the reason everyone wants to own them.


The strongest and most powerful body among the canine bloodlines. The style is quite majestic with thick fur, a dense mane showing its temperament. This physique is enough to threaten common enemies in the steppe or hunt in groups like wolves, foxes… They have almost no worthy opponents in this area.

Dimensions, weight

Male dogs can reach a height of up to 70 cm allowing them to observe a large expanse of the savannah. Comes with a massive weight of 60kg to 90kg. This weight is extremely important while it is 5 times higher than that of Phu Quoc dogs and almost 15 to 20 times higher than that of chihuahuas, foxes… However, they still have an amazing speed compared to the speed deer.

Tibetan mastiff with flaccid-faced pug.Tibetan mastiff with flaccid-faced pug.


The most common coat color is black, reddish brown, yellow, gray…quite a variety of colors. This coat is divided into 2 layers to help them adapt to the cold steppe climate. Their outer coat is both their armor and their insulation. Has long, soft fur on the outside and short hair that retains heat on the inside. Accordingly, they do not feel cold when living in the savannah when the temperature here at night can drop to minus degrees Celsius.

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The most important part is the hair on the dog’s neck. They are wrinkled and grow better in other areas. At first glance, they look a lot like male African grassland lions. Fighting strength, courage and power are equally solemn.

face head

Possessing a flat head, face and forehead without wrinkles, comes with a large square muzzle. Inside is a sharp fang system with extremely high damage. Help them prevail in battles with wolves, tigers and bears here. Some dog fighting competitions use giant Tibetan mastiffs and they are almost unmatched due to their weight class and dominance.

The head of the Tibetan Mastiff is quite fierce.The head of the Tibetan Mastiff is quite fierce.


Many people think that the Tibetan Mastiff is fierce, it’s true. This is understandable in part because of their instincts over hundreds, thousands of years of fighting predators. Partly because of little contact with others as they follow nomadic families across the savannah. Not socialized, so the temperament is quite fierce.

There is an opinion that this line of dogs worships only one owner and should be purchased from a young age. There is a good part and a bad part of them. However, when buying, it is also necessary to buy small dogs because it is easy to learn and become familiar with and to limit unfortunate accidents. With a weight of 70-90 kg, it is very dangerous for humans. It’s no different from going out and buying adult tigers and bears to breed.

the reproduction

While regular dog bloodlines can only breed for about 8-9 months, Tibetan Mastiffs take up to 3-5 years to start whelping. This figure is quite long and requires considerable patient care. It requires a lot of care and money, because the amount of food for them is very large. Imagine how much it is enough for 90 kg to eat all the meat.

How much does a Tibetan Mastiff cost?

If about 5-7 years ago the price of the Tibetan Mastiff was in the sky, now it is much easier to breathe. It’s easier to breathe than before, but it’s still quite expensive in Vietnam. It is known that at their peak, they cost up to 1 to 2 million USD/head for the most beautiful individuals. At that time, the amount of money was large, and the emerging Chinese giants blew up the prices. The Tibetan dog-breeding movement also started here, sprouting dog camps like mushrooms. But then the economy affected, farmers gradually led to the abandonment of molosser farms. Insufficient food costs push the government to provide solutions. Gradually they became obsolete Tibetan Mastiffs and were picky about their owners.

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The price of the Tibetan Mastiff is quite varied depending on the purity.The price of the Tibetan Mastiff is quite varied depending on the purity.

The price of Tibetan Mastiff in Vietnam is around 15-25 million VND/head. Quite high compared to other dog lines, so only people with diseases can find it. Dogs in China are cheaper, they even become wild dogs because they eat too much and no one can feed them. Probably the purest breed remains the Tibetan canine bloodlines while they are almost less likely to be crossed by other canine bloodlines. But the price is quite high when it reaches billions of dong. However, customers can still choose the origin of dogs from Europe and the United States with slightly cheaper price but also ensure the same quality with the price of around 100-200 million/baby.

How much is the most expensive Tibetan Mastiff?

As mentioned above, sometimes their prices reach 1-2 million USD/head and can reach 5 million USD/head. As a result, the conversion into Vietnamese currency varies from 20 to 40 billion, or even almost 100 billion VND. Of course, that’s the price of the emerging rich in the form of buying books. Create a fever for a while, then start to calm down, until the point where there are no more buyers. If you pay attention, the number of wild Tibetan mastiffs in China is very large.

100 billion is the most expensive price for a Tibetan clam.100 billion is the most expensive price for a Tibetan clam.

What do Tibetan mastiffs eat?

Of course, if you have the money to buy a Tibetan clam to raise, you don’t mind providing them enough meat and fish. Every day they eat about a few kilograms of meat, fish and vegetables. In which beef and chicken are the most used meats. The large amount of food such as buffalo slaughter also worries farmers. Therefore, only those who can afford to look for a Tibetan Mastiff dog.

Meat is the favorite dish of Tibetan clams Tibet MastiffMeat is the favorite dish of Tibetan clams Tibet Mastiff

Where to buy Tibetan mastiffs, Hanoi, Vietnam?

Few places sell this breed of dog in Vietnam for many reasons, being picky about players, expensive food, and fancy care. Therefore, customers can refer to the price on facebook, chotot… However, the quality here too is quite limited, so be careful when lifting and take care. Customers wishing to purchase purebred Tibetan Mastiffs should contact us. Dogs with complete origin documents, origin VKA, FCI or China are clear. Ensuring health, reproductive quality and peace of mind. Limiting floating quality online purchases will be very difficult to manage.

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