The Undeniable Beauty of the Labyrinth-Wolf-Half-Blood Dog

Chó Lài sông Mã vang danh nức tiếng.

The Lai dog is one of the four great national dogs of our country and one of the four most famous and beloved lines of dogs. With their handsome appearance, slender build, and somewhat wolf-like face, they are said to be a wolf hybrid. Currently, their numbers are not really high and the movement is not really as big as other Vietnamese native dog lines.

Origin of the Song Ma Lai Dog

The Ma River Lai Dog lives in the lower reaches of the Ma River in Thanh Hoa. Legend has it that from the time of King Le Loi, this line of dogs appeared in the service of fighting and hunting around the 14th century. Over lives and crossings, this breed of dogs was created today under the name Lai Dogs.

The dog Ma River Lai is famous.The dog Ma River Lai is famous.

However, the origin as well as their connection to the Indochinese dingo is a question mark. Some people think they are one with the Indochinese dingo dog, but others don’t? There is no mention of this on wikipedia. It may be two different dog lines when the overall look of the face doesn’t have much similarity.

The Indochinese dingo is also not very similar to the Lai dog.The Indochinese dingo is also not very similar to the Lai dog.

Indochinese dingo dogs often live in the mountainous regions of the north when they are believed to be the product of a cross between our dogs and western dogs. However, being able to answer this question requires an in-depth work of genotyping Vietnamese native canine lines. Otherwise, their pure race will forever be a mysterious question mark.

Characteristics of the Ma River Lai Dog

They have distinct visual characteristics that are easily recognizable. Just looking at them once can be mesmerized by their rugged beauty.

  • The face is triangular in shape with 2 triangular parts moving to the sides of the dog’s cheeks.
  • The face is delicate, cute and a bit like a wolf. This is why they are called wolf-dog hybrids.
  • The eyes are slightly slanted, with a dark black border. They come in two of the most common eye colors, red and amber brown.
  • The long muzzle is not square like the common grass dog lines.
  • The weight of the dog is between 16 and 20 kg for females and males are heavier, the body is larger when it falls between 23 and 24 kg.
  • The height of the dog is 50-60 cm with lower females smaller than males.
  • The length from snout to tail varies from 1 m to 1.4 m. With large individuals of exceptional size up to 1.5 m in length.
  • The long, hard coat is instantly recognizable to help dogs withstand the cold of the North and Center.
  • Its agile and small body is suitable for hunting and traveling in the forest, in the mountains or on the plain.
  • They know how to swim and have webbed paws like the dogs of Phu Quoc.
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The Ma River Lai dog is also known as the wolf hybrid dog.The Ma River Lai dog is also known as the wolf hybrid dog.

Purebred Jasmine Dog or Not?

Many people like Lai dogs in general and native dogs in particular, so they only like purebreds. However, this line of dogs has not undergone any genetic work, so it is not possible to determine the pure breed. In addition, the Vietnamese Association of Dog Breeds VKA also does not have a standard chart of this breed. Only Phu Quoc dogs, Hmong Coc dogs only. So if you’re planning on buying purebred Jasmine Dogs, you should probably give up.

Even the famous Phu Quoc dog in Vietnam has not yet undergone genetic studies, so it is still classified as a grass dog. So if someone tells you the dog Lai is purebred, please explain to that person.

Is it difficult to raise a Jasmine dog?

Indeed, for those who are passionate about dogs, like dogs, raising them is not difficult. Even if you have no passion, you can still raise it as usual. Remember, these are Vietnamese native dogs, so they can withstand all weather conditions in Vietnam. In addition, the diet is too comfortable to eat whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what kind of food they can fight. With wild dog lines, they can hunt animals and fish for food without human food. However, if you are the one raising them, you need to feed them carefully so that they develop at their best.

The Lai dog, like other native dog breeds in Vietnam, is very easy to breed and maintain.The Lai dog, like other native dog breeds in Vietnam, is very easy to breed and maintain.

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The ideal food for them is our rice. At each meal, if there is too much rice, mix the rice for them. Or if you can cook porridge, chicken neck, chicken liver, they are all delicious. Add nutrients from vegetables to help them grow to their fullest. This breed of dog is not accustomed to grain food, so you need to train it. Or if they’ve been eating since infancy, practice whatever type of food works best for you.

How much does a jasmine dog cost?

There really is no set price for this breed. Because they have no papers, no origin… so it is difficult to value them. All evaluation factors are due to the aesthetic eye of each and the modality of the owner. Their prices vary from about 3-4 million to tens of millions.

With puppies the price is around 2-4 million depending on the condition of the parent dog? If the parent dog is beautiful, the price of 3-5 million is quite possible. Bad dogs, on the other hand, cost 1-2 million or the equivalent of the price of grass dogs.

river mare dogDogs cost from a few million to tens of millions per dog. It depends on the parents of the dog.

When the dog is big, the advantages of the dog have all been revealed. The next thing is to see how the buyer’s wallet is and who the owner is. The more famous the breeder, the higher his price and vice versa. Therefore, this breed of dog is better than finding a nice dog to buy. But it is not necessary to buy a famous person’s dog Lai Song Ma, which is easily inflated.

Of course, the price of purebred jasmine dogs cannot be as high as Phu Quoc Dogs or Hmong. Due to the absence of a paper mechanism as well as the small number of actors, this poses difficulties for farmers. Especially the breeding phase if you are raising bitches for breeding purposes.

The only way is to find and buy the most beautiful and satisfied dogs in your eyes. Should buy adult dogs as they showed all their characteristics as possible. From here it is easier to assess the beauty. If you buy a puppy, you must know the father dog and the mother female dog.

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