The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

Finding a diet suitable for your cat can be challenging. When searching for one, make sure it offers optimal pet nutrition with quality ingredients and offers variety to meet its individual dietary requirements.

Ziwi Peak provides recipes using various protein sources tailored specifically for cats’ digestive systems, sourced from trusted providers worldwide. They take great pride in offering premium ingredients at all times!

1. Orijen

Orijen’s name is derived from “origin”, as they strive to create foods that are biologically appropriate for cats. Their food uses fresh, whole meats with all parts – including organs and bone – used from animals in its recipes – making for highly palatable meals with many essential vitamins. Furthermore, Orijen offers freeze-dried cod liver as an attractive coating on their kibble so finicky felines will eventually start eating!

Orijen offers several wet foods in addition to their dry offerings, using high-quality proteins derived from sources like free-run poultry and wild game as the protein source. Their foods are low in carbohydrates while providing multiple proteins. Orijen uses whole-prey-inspired varieties with fresh muscle meats, organs, and bones in its wet offerings as well.

Orijen and Acana food products are produced exclusively at two facilities of Champion Pet Foods located in Alberta and Kentucky – Canada respectively – which produces Orijen and Acana pet foods exclusively. You don’t have to worry about them sharing a factory with less desirable products that might compromise the quality of Orijen/Acana products for your cat.

2. Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak, based out of New Zealand, employs innovative air-drying techniques to preserve its meats. By eliminating sugars, preservatives or glycerine from its foods, this allows them to use only high-grade ingredients without fillers such as venison, rabbit and whole southern blue whiting (also referred to as hoki) in its recipes.

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This food has been designed to mimic the whole-prey meat diet that cats require. Their slow twin stage air-drying process preserves all essential nutrients while making them as digestible as possible, using ingredients from both local farms and oceans in New Zealand – including fresh green tripe which adds palatability while aiding digestive health, as well as green-lipped mussels which contain natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Ziwi Peak food is an excellent option for cat owners who wish to forego corn, gluten, soy and artificial preservatives as fillers in their cat food, making this meal suitable for all life stages and ideal as either a topper or full meal solution. Though one of the more expensive choices on our list, many felines absolutely adore Ziwi Peak!

3. Made by Nacho

An internationally-renowned celebrity chef and his beloved feline named Nacho have joined forces to launch Made by Nacho pet food products for cats. Launched in 2021, this line provides wet and dry foods, bone broth toppers, treats designed with cat palatability and nutrition in mind.

Chef-inspired recipes have also been thoroughly approved by Dr. Katja Lang, the brand’s in-house veterinary consultant, an expert on feline nutrition who provides valuable input into which ingredients work best when formulating each recipe that meets a cat’s individual dietary requirements.

All Made by Nacho recipes begin with real animal proteins like cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef and sustainably sourced salmon as their primary sources. Alongside whole grains, fruits and vegetables for complete and balanced nutrition, their wet foods also include bone broth as an hydrating agent and flavorful gravy!

4. Whiskas

Whiskas is one of the leading cat food brands on the market, providing nutritionally balanced recipes with high protein content. They use 20-step quality control processes and collaborate closely with animal nutritionists and experts, guaranteeing high-quality yet cost-effective meals.

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Food from this brand contains meat, grains, vegetables and minerals from nature – with natural preservatives used throughout. So your pet will get maximum benefit out of every bite they eat while enjoying delicious meals that taste good too!

Whiskas cat food stands out as being packed with taurine, which plays an integral part in supporting healthy eyesight and cardiovascular functions. Unfortunately, however, Whiskas is not suitable for cats with allergies due to using meat by-products instead of named meats as its ingredient list.

This food is rich in Vitamin D3 and reduced minerals that are both good for your pet’s wellbeing, but recently they have started shrinkflation which is very frustrating for pet owners!

5. Felix

Felix cat food has long been a beloved staple in the UK, often appearing on television commercials featuring its iconic mascot. Felix’s company of origin, Nestle Purina PetCare, sells various textures, flavors and formats of Felix food that meet cats’ nutritional requirements.

Felix Cat Food stands apart from many supermarket cat foods by not including any artificial colours or preservatives, and their team of nutritionists and vets collaborate to craft recipes tailored specifically for cats.

Felix offers several wet cat food products that are appropriate for kittens, such as its Felix As Good As it Looks Mixed Selection in Jelly cat food pouches. These tasty meals provide a balanced diet for cats of all ages while providing vital vitamins and minerals.

This food is an ideal option for kittens, as its high energy levels help them reach their full potential. Furthermore, its protein and fat levels aid growth and development of young cats while Omega Fatty Acids play an essential role in cat health.