The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

From colorful cans and bags, finding the ideal cat food can be challenging. According to vet Pete Wedderburn, try selecting a diet marked as “complete”, which contains everything necessary for healthy felines.

As a starting point, selecting products with AAFCO nutritional adequacy statements may be the most suitable. When shopping, try to avoid foods containing wheat gluten or meat byproducts and carrageenan which have both been linked with stomach upset.

1. Purina Gourmet

Purina Gourmet wet food is one of Nestle’s best sellers across North America, Europe and Asia. Cats were evolved as hunters that required high protein levels with moderate fat intake and limited carbohydrates – an approach still essential to their health today. Additionally, wet foods contain higher moisture levels for better palatability as well as being beneficial in treating urinary tract issues in cats.

This canned food features a base of chicken and includes additional poultry, liver, meat by-products, and fish ingredients. Unfortunately, however, this food also includes artificial flavors and dyes and thickening agents like guar gum – an ingredient which may not be ideal for your pet’s wellbeing.

This food is an economical yet protein-rich option with delicious tuna ragout, free from corn, wheat and soy. Furthermore, no poultry by-product meal or artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives were used either – making this product part of Purina Beyond line and available in multiple can sizes as well as resealable jar storage for easy convenience.

2. Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen is a UK pet food company offering both dry and wet cat food options, the latter of which contain high-quality animal ingredients containing ample animal-derived proteins and fats. Their formulas also do not use meat meal or cheap fillers like corn meal as fillers in their recipes.

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Lily’s Kitchen uses animal-derived fats in all their wet cat food recipes for better consistency and healthiness of wet food for cats. This ensures its integrity is preserved while being more natural for their diets.

As well as offering an assortment of cat food recipes, the company provides supplements and treats certified by the UK Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), all adhering to strict nutritional balance standards for optimal pet health.

Lily’s Kitchen, as a founding member of B Corp, is dedicated to using their business as a force for good, which extends both to employees as well as animals they serve. They offer benefits such as maternity/paternity leave, flexible working arrangements and volunteering days for all their staff members.

3. Sheba

Cats, unlike dogs, are obligate carnivores; their teeth and digestive systems have evolved to require specific nutrients found only in meat products. Sheba takes great care to utilize recipes with more meat content rather than fillers so your cat is guaranteed ample protein in every serving!

Pristine products offer excellent nutrition at a very competitive price point. Their meats are responsibly sourced, while fisheries capture wild-caught species rather than farming or farm-raised options, providing consumers with great products at an exceptional value.

Waltham products are supported by an impressive team of animal scientists, and their nutritional philosophy states that every pet deserves exceptional nutrition. As a result, Waltham offers diets tailored specifically for different cat sizes, ages, lifestyles and allergen levels; one such diet even reduces hair/dander allergens! Waltham also boasts an outstanding reputation when it comes to ingredients; all product labels contain detailed explanations of exactly what each product contains.

4. Whiskas

Whiskas offers a comprehensive selection of cat food to meet the individual needs of cats. Their recipes are developed based on thorough research conducted with input from experts specializing in animal nutrition. Their food is high in protein while low in carbohydrates; natural flavors and vitamins are used in its preparation as well. Its foods are deliciously satisfying for cats!

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Whiska’s products are created using quality ingredients and follow stringent safety standards. Their food is free from chemicals and fillers, making it perfect for cats with sensitive stomachs. Their food offers a range of meats for optimal nutrition while excluding fillers such as wheat gluten or corn gluten which could trigger an allergic response in some cats; additionally they use limited fat content so as to maintain proper bodyweight control in your feline companion.

Whiskas Tuna in Jelly adult cat food provides your furry pal with essential calcium, phosphorus, proteins, antioxidants, Vitamin A and Taurine to support their health from within and maintain weight, heart-health, teeth and bones.

5. Felix

Felix cat food comes in both tins and pouches of various flavours and textures to meet the needs of cats of all ages and life stages, from kittens to seniors. Many foods include turkey, chicken and various fish varieties as ingredients – while this brand also provides grain-free varieties with low glycemic index ratings.

Felix uses only high-grade meats, vegetables and grains as ingredients in its cat food formulation, along with vitamins and minerals specifically selected to meet your pet’s nutrient requirements. Felix cat food is designed with assistance from professionals so it provides your cat with all of its necessary nutrition.

Though this food may contain highly digestible proteins, its indigestibility could lead to digestive problems in certain cats.

Therefore, it is crucial that your cat consumes a balanced diet. We suggest selecting cat food that contains sufficient protein according to his age and weight as a starting point; additionally, consult your veterinarian on how much to feed him/her each day.