The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

The Top 5 Cat Food Brands of 2023

All cats require a balanced diet, yet not all cat food is created equally. When selecting food that’s labeled ‘complete’ it means that it contains all of the necessary nutrients needed for healthful living.

Hill’s offer an extensive range of diets developed and recommended by their team of veterinarians and nutritionists, which is suitable for all life stages and medical conditions. Their ‘Science Plan’ range is especially recommended, offering complete support during any stage of development or life transitions.

1. JustCats

Popular dry cat food with a high meat content. Features delicious chicken, turkey and fish flavours in addition to natural supplements for health and wellbeing.

According to Jennifer Dean, New Product Development Technologist at Webbox, more and more owners are gravitating toward natural pet products due to viewing them as integral members of the family. Furthermore, such options often boast higher nutritional standards than cheaper options.

Premium natural wet and dry cat foods for both kittens and adult cats. Packed with protein from various sources and packed with vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, all ingredients used have been carefully sourced while free from artificial additives or fillers.

Cats, unlike dogs, are “obligate carnivores”, meaning they require nutrients found exclusively in meat (such as taurine and preformed vitamin A). Their food includes joint health promoting ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint care as well as omega-3 rich salmon as well as other meaty options plus vegetables and fruits to ensure your cat remains happy and healthy.

2. Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen creates delicious natural recipes to help pets flourish. Their top-quality ingredients include high-grade meat and fresh produce for well-rounded diets. Lily’s Kitchen was the first pet food manufacturer in the UK to develop grain-free pet foods and was one of the UK’s inaugural B Corp companies, meaning they place people, pets and planet at the core of their business and use business as a force for good.

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Their products come in both wet and dry forms to meet the needs of different life stages in cats such as kittens, adults, senior cats and those on special needs diets such as hypoallergenic diets. In addition, they provide variety boxes.

Their food is created from premium, honest ingredients sourced in the UK at their facilities, without any recalls related to this brand or sourcing any components from China. Nestle Purina PetCare owns this company with products available across 6,000 stores globally – both physical and online – while they also offer subscription services which deliver predetermined quantities directly to pet parents’ doorsteps.

3. Purina

Purina is an iconic cat food brand known for their wide selection of dry and canned recipes, as well as specially tailored diets to treat urinary tract issues or obesity management. Their recipes are developed using the expertise of hundreds of scientists, nutritionists, cat behaviorists and veterinarians who all combine forces in creating these innovative formulas.

Though their food may not be ideal for your feline friend, it may still be affordable and convenient. Just be wary of some of their cheaper formulas such as Kitten Chow Nurture Muscle & Brain Development dry cat food which features low-grade chicken by-product meal as the first ingredient – which has lower nutritional value than whole meat but may cause allergic reactions in certain cats.

Purina Beyond or Natural Balance recipes provide high-quality pet food. Made in the US and with minimal ingredients such as corn, wheat and soy free formulas with artificial flavors and preservatives that is grain-free with high protein levels – plus they contain taurine as a necessary amino acid source!

4. Made by Nacho

Made by Nacho is a relatively new brand created in 2021 by celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his Maine coon cat Nacho. This company offers wet and dry food items, meal toppers, treats, and treats that pay homage to Flay’s culinary roots while providing superior nutrition.

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Bone broth food toppers from this company provide an ideal way to add both hydration and flavor to your cat’s diet. Crafted using only natural ingredients, these broths support healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, and improve immunity – providing optimal support for digestive wellness, relief from inflammation, and immune support.

Cage-free chicken, duck and quail recipe with freeze-dried chicken liver dry food from this brand is an excellent way to increase your cat’s protein intake. Featuring real animal proteins as the first ingredient combined with nutritious grains, prebiotics and probiotics as well as fiber-rich fruits and veggies as well as pumpkin, salmon oil and Miscanthus grass which provides numerous health benefits – this food is also manufactured in the USA with plans to bring their products nationwide through specialty pet retailers.

5. Smalls

Smalls is a subscription food service for cats that delivers fresh wet and freeze-dried cat foods directly to your door. Their meals don’t resemble your average can of cat food–they look and smell just like homemade meals! Smalls uses only premium quality ingredients in its recipes to lock in nutrients and moisture for your furry friend’s nutrition and wellbeing.

At Pet Food Express, their wet foods come in minced or pate textures for convenient feeding options while their freeze-dried raw food provides a nutritional alternative to kibble. Each recipe is created under the guidance of a pet nutrition consultant and meets AAFCO standards; additionally they offer specialty recipes tailored specifically for grain-free diets, indoor living situations and weight control needs.

Smalls is an excellent option for fussy cats. All their recipes feature high protein levels to support muscle growth. Furthermore, these treats are free from artificial flavors and colors – meaning you can feel good about feeding this brand to your felines! Though Smalls might be slightly more costly than other options available to you, signing up for their subscription service could save you a little cash; just remember to cancel them before their next shipment arrives!