The most valuable and beautiful noble dog in the world

The most valuable and beautiful noble dog in the world

What is a Noble Dog? What breeds of noble dogs are there in the world? Let’s find out this information with chocan in today’s article.

What is a Noble Dog?

You may have a strange feeling about the term noble dog. In fact, these are just luxurious breeds of dogs, beautiful and noble in appearance. In the past, these dogs were often bred by royalty or aristocrats.

In addition, aristocratic dogs have a long history, and the number is now increasingly rare. This inevitably leads to the price to own them being ranked among the most expensive.

The most beautiful noble dog in the world

Speaking of aristocratic dog breeds, we could list several of them. Each species will have a different origin, appearance, and personality. In today’s article, chocan will introduce readers to the top 5 most beautiful and valuable noble dog breeds in the world. Let’s watch together!

Borzoi dog

Borzoi is a Russian hunting dog. In Europe, they were extremely popular around the 18th century and sought after by aristocrats. Queen Victoria also bred this breed and took it with her on all royal hunts.

Borzoi is a strong and agile hunting dogBorzoi is a strong and agile hunting dog

Some notable characteristics of the Borzoi dog are:

  • Large body, height 66-71 cm, weight up to 40-45 kg.
  • The tail always hangs down and is very long.
  • Compact dog head, long muzzle. The eyes are usually dark brown.
  • The coat is long, rather smooth and slightly curly.
  • The ears are usually lowered and pressed close to the neck. When agitated, they often prick up their ears.
  • Personality: Sweet, intelligent, affectionate and very sensitive.

Currently, the price to own a Borzoi dog imported from Europe can reach more than 115 million VND.

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maltese dog

The next noble breed you can’t ignore is the Maltese (also known as Mal). Maltese originates from the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea. Around the 15th century, the first Mals were brought to France and ushered in the breed’s prosperity in Europe.

The snow-white long coat creates the image of a luxurious Maltese dogThe snow-white long coat creates the image of a luxurious Maltese dog

Salient characteristics of the aristocratic Maltese dog:

  • Extremely luxurious appearance with shiny, super long and smooth fur.
  • Small size, height is only about 21-25cm, weight is 3-4kg.
  • Personality: Kind, sociable and friendly with everyone. It is also a very intelligent and loyal dog breed.
  • However, they are quite picky eaters. Caring for them will take a lot of time and effort.

Currently in Vietnam, the price to own a Maltese dog will range from 6 to 50 million VND.

afghan hound

It is a noble hunting dog originating from Central Asia. When they were first introduced in Europe, they did not attract much attention. However, later, compared with the impressive and beautiful appearance and the shiny and super long coat, it made a strong impression on the aristocracy here.

The large body and proud demeanor of the Afghan HoundThe large body and proud demeanor of the Afghan Hound

The impressive characteristics of the Afghan Hound breed are as follows:

  • The size is quite large with height around 65-70cm, weight 25-28kg.
  • The dog’s head is small, the muzzle is long and always high, full of pride.
  • The back is straight and moderately long, suggesting strength and strength. The ears are folded, close to the head.
  • Their fur can be as long as the ground, denser on the body and ears.
  • Personality: They always seem cold, but are actually quite affectionate and warm. Every movement is always smooth and elegant.

As for the price, in Vietnam owning an Afghan Hound can cost you upwards of 50-60 million VND.

Saluki Chowder

This breed is also known as the Egyptian Royal Dog. They have a close relationship with the aristocratic Afghan Hound that the chocan just introduced to you above. In ancient times, the Egyptian pharaohs loved them very much. This breed is even cast in statues and imprinted in many ancient Egyptian reliefs.

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The Saluki dog has a strong, agile and attractive demeanorThe Saluki dog has a strong, agile and attractive demeanor

Some impressive characteristics of the Saluki dog:

  • The appearance is slim but extremely noble. Height about 58-71 cm, weight 13-30 kg.
  • The head of the dog is quite long and small, the muzzle is long and pointed. Folded ears are sheltered by long hair that falls to the neck.
  • Their movement speed is extremely agile, can reach up to 80 km/h. The strength, stamina, and tenacity of this breed are also extremely impressive.

With the above characteristics, Saluki fully deserves the name of a noble dog. Their price is also quite expensive, starting at around 60 million VND/head.


The Pekingese dog is the surname of the list of 5 noble dog breeds mentioned by Chocan in today’s article. The origin of this breed comes from China. In the past, they were considered sacred mascots of the royal family and were raised by people “loved by the royal family”. In addition to the Pekingese dog name, they are also called with other names such as “fawn dog”, “royal lion dog” with the meaning of bringing good luck and wealth.

Purebred Pekingese Dogs Have Extremely Cute Frilled FurPurebred Pekingese Dogs Have Extremely Cute Frilled Fur

The outstanding characteristics of the Pekingese breed include:

  • It is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and power.
  • Little cute appearance with long fluffy fur.
  • Quick-witted, affectionate and very intelligent.

Currently, this breed is widely bred in many countries. In Vietnam, from about 3 to 5 million VND you can own a noble Pekingese dog.

In addition to the aristocratic dog breeds mentioned above, you might be interested in other names such as Japanese Ruffled Dog, Rough Collie, Shih Tzu, etc. like the state of health to avoid problems later!