The most expensive cats in the world can only be raised by the rich

The most expensive cats in the world can only be raised by the rich

They are not only beautiful, but they are also varieties. most expensive cat in the world, there are even breeds of cats that are worth up to 100,000 USD/cat (more than 2 billion VND)! It is expensive, but the effort to take care of it is also very expensive, not easy at all!

  • Ashera Cat (about 1 billion VND)

  • The Ashera is a hybrid of many different types of cats: domestic cats, African wildcats, and Asian leopards. Their special characteristics are hypoallergenic, highly intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. Only 100 Ashera cats are sold each year, due to such a small number, the Ashera cat is considered the most expensive cat breed in the world with a record price of up to $100,000 (more than 2 billion VND). Therefore, they are very popular among the wealthy in Dubai, it is a symbol of the owner’s class and wealth.

    Ashera is known as “the largest, rarest and most beautiful domestic cat”, they are over 1m tall, can weigh up to 15kg and have tiger-striped fur. Not only is it in the top of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, but the life of the Ashara cat is also very luxurious and luxurious, so future owners should prepare a wallet if they want to bring the Ashara cat home.

  • Caracal cat or black-eared lynx (more than 300 million VND)

  • The Caracal, also known as the black-eared lynx, is a breed of cat native to the desert. The word “caracal” comes from the Turkish word “kara kulak”, which means “black ear”. Like its name, Caracal has a pair of tall, pointy ears, atop a prominent long, pointy black tuft. Coat color ranges from brown to brick red.

    The starting point of the Caracal cat is a wild cat, in ancient times Caracal was mummified as a human and buried with the pharaoh. Due to the love for Caracal’s aristocratic beauty, humans have domesticated them into house pets. However, they are still extremely aggressive, until 2007 many breeders decided to cross them with other cats, to make them less aggressive. Currently, Caracal is in danger of extinction. So, in addition to spending more than $15,000 on property, you also have to wait patiently, because you don’t want to buy it all the time.

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  • Savannah cat (almost 500 million)

  • The third most expensive cat breed in the world is the Savannah cat. The Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and an African wild cat. They are the largest cat breed with an average weight of 15 kg and a length of 60 cm. Savannahs are considered a highly intelligent breed of cat, mild-tempered, curious, alert, and loyal like a dog. They are close to humans, they are not afraid of water, they love to bathe, walk and play.

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    The value of the Savannah cat depends on the breed and its dexterity. Usually, the ones with the highest prices are the ones that carry about 75% of the characteristics of the African cat. F1 Savannah cats, with a 100% African wild father, are the most expensive. The success rate between domestic cats and African wildcats is quite low, so each Savannah cat costs between $5,000 and $22,000 (about 92 to 488 million VND).

  • Gato Allerca (almost 120 million)

  • This was originally the first breed of cat in the world that was bred for the purpose of not causing allergies to humans. This is how the Allerca cat was born thanks to the technique of genetic isolation. They are very friendly and suitable for those who are allergic to cat fur. However, you will have to spend $6,000 to pick her up as a friend. It’s not cheap at all!

  • American cat with crooked ears (about 60 million)

  • American Twisted Ears were bred in California in 1981. Their ears are straight at birth, but after just 3 to 5 days the ears will curl up and curl up, this process continuing until they are 16 weeks old. Like the fold-eared cat, the lop-eared cat also comes in a variety of degrees, typically ranging from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Also, the mating rate of curl-eared cats is quite low, usually only 50% in a group of cats. This is what makes the American lop-eared cat valuable, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 (about VND 22.2 to VND 66.6 million).

  • Elf Cat (about 40 million)

  • The wrinkled-skinned cat (Elf cat) was bred in the US in 2006. It is a breed of hairless cat similar to the Sphynx cat but is afraid of having a pair of curved ears. They are considered intelligent, mischievous, curious, and extremely friendly. This is quite a demanding breed of cat. Because although there is no hair, caring for these cats is not easy, it takes a long time since people often have to be dried, limit exposure to sunlight. Elf cats can’t stand the cold, they have to wear clothes on the street. Also, although the fur is wrinkled and ugly, the Elf cat is quite expensive, around 44.4 million VND each.

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  • Khao Manee Cat (about 200 million)

  • The Khao Manee is a beautiful Thai cat with bicolor eyes (amber and green), or a striking sky blue that looks like diamonds. Thanks to possessing snow-white and extremely soft fur, it has given Khao Manee a haughty beauty. According to many documents, the Khao Manee cat appeared around the years 1350-1767. Previously, they lived only in the royal family and were seen as a symbol of good luck, longevity, and health. And to have a Khao Manee you will have to spend between 15.5 and 244 million.

  • LaPerm Cat (about 40 million)

  • Perhaps Laperm is one of the strangest cats in the world, with its colorful fur and unique curls. At birth, Laperm cats are hairless, or some will have wavy or straight hair. At 2 weeks of age, LaPerm cats will begin to grow hair, but it will continue to gradually shed until 4 months of age. After that, the LaPerm’s coat will grow back in soft ringlets that curl tightly under the belly, throat, and ears.

  • Toyger cat (11.1 million to 66.6 million VND)

  • The Toyger cat, or cat in tiger costume, was bred by crossing a Bengal cat with a domesticated tabby cat. Except for the cat’s small stature and modest weight, Toyger possesses many tiger-like physical characteristics: fur with prominent black stripes, white circles around the eyes, stately gait. . The purpose of creating the Toyger breed is to make people aware of the protection of tigers in the wild. Each Toyer cat costs between 11.1 and 66.6 million VND.

  • Chausie cat (around 200 million VND)

  • Chausie is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world due to its rarity. They are a cross between a domestic cat and a wildcat, originally from Egypt. They have been recognized as an independent breed of cat since 1995. Chausie inherits many genes from wildcats, so they have a lean, toned body, yet highly adroit, flexible with large ears for hunting cats. Chausie is extremely active and sociable, they can get along in any environment whether it be with humans, dogs or other cats. Each one is priced at around 8,000 – 10,000 USD (around 184 – 230 million VND).

  • Bengal cat (around 80 million VND)

  • The cat’s name has helped us in part to visualize its appearance, with interlocking black spots and patchy, striped fur of a wild leopard. This is because the Bengal is a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat. They are very nice, quite naughty, above all they love to swim. Each sparkler costs between 1,000 and 4,000 USD (about 22.2 to 88.8 million VND).