The latest updated price list of Golden dogs in Vietnam


The price of the Golden Dog in Vietnam always draws the attention of many dog ​​owners, especially lovers of this breed.

Here is the updated Golden dog price list by the latest updated cat and dog blog. Hopefully it will help those who are interested in getting more tips when looking to buy a puppy for themselves.

Golden Dog Price in Vietnam

As you know, the golden dog is a popular dog breed in Vietnam. The number of Golden breeders is increasing very rapidly in recent years. This is also the reason why the price of Golden dogs is divided into many different levels depending on the characteristics, appearance or origin of the dog.

golden dog pricegolden dog price

Factors Determining the Price of Golden Dogs in Vietnam

The price of Golden dogs is usually determined by the following factors:

  • The origin

This is probably the most determining factor in the price of Golden dogs. Golden dogs born in Vietnam are always cheaper than dogs imported from other countries like Thailand, Europe, etc. Most people who import dogs from abroad are for breeding purposes.

Imported dogs always have better characteristics and qualities than domestic Golden dogs. Especially dogs in Europe. The importation of dogs not only makes the Golden breed develop but also diversifies the genetic resources of this breed in the country.

  • golden dog genus

Gender is also a determining factor in the price of Golden Dogs. Female dogs are always priced higher than male dogs because they have the ability to reproduce and generate income for the owners. However, the difference is only 1-2 million. Depending on your purposes and needs, you need to choose the appropriate sex of the dog.

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history of the golden dog breedThe price of the Golden Dog depends on the origin

Adult Golden Dogs are more expensive than puppies. This is understandable because adult dogs are cared for until they are grown, but the previous owner has to spend a lot of effort and food to care for them. Often people who buy adult dogs for care will buy female dogs. Because they will not need to take care of them, but they will also have beautiful pups when they breed.

The downside of buying an adult dog is that the training process is much more difficult. If the previous owner treats the dog badly, it can affect the dog’s psychology when he goes to a new home.

  • appearance features

In a pack of dogs, there will be dogs with defects in eye color, coat color, or defects. Dogs with poor body features will be priced cheaper than their siblings.

How to take care of Golden dogs since they arrive at their new home. You can find out in the article: “What do golden retrievers eat? Basic Golden Dog Care from AZ”

Golden Dog Price List in Vietnam

Below is a golden dog price list compiled and referenced by the Dog and Cat Love Blog by many dog ​​sellers. Let’s find out together.

Golden dog breed in Vietnam

currently a Golden dog breed in Vietnam with prices from 4-8 million VND. This is the average price. Not too high and not too low.

For babies born in Vietnam with poor physical characteristics, the price may drop slightly depending on the owner selling the dog. However, with a cheaper price, it should be considered carefully because it can be a carrier of diseases or of unknown origin.

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the kindness of the golden dog breedThe price of the Golden Dog breed in Vietnam

hybrid golden dog also much cheaper starting at 3 million or less.

Female bitches, no matter where they are bred, are priced higher than males by 1-1.5 million VND.

Golden dog has a birth certificate in our country high price of 8-16 million. Because they have a clear origin, quality assurance and standards, they even have certificates from specialized canine organizations.

Overseas Golden Dog Breed

Most of the Golden Dogs in Vietnam are imported from Thailand and European countries. Although Thailand is a country in the same region as us, the dog breeding movement here is a decade ahead of Vietnam. Therefore, dogs in Thailand always have a higher price than in Vietnam. There are also other countries like Singapore, Malay, Indo…

golden dog breedgolden dog breed

Golden dogs in Vietnam have a higher price of 13-20 million (not including shipping). These dogs are guaranteed of the quality of the genetic resources and have complete documents from the dog farms of their country.

Golden dog imported from Europe, America…

Perhaps it is not necessary to say too much about the quality of the Golden dogs imported from these countries. They possess many outstanding features and are absolutely purebred. However, their prices are not cheap. Each dog costs between 25 and 50 million depending on the origin, genealogy and background of the dog.

We just want to advise you to carefully research where to buy dogs to avoid running into disease-carrying smuggled puppies. The best thing is that you can consult reputable addresses online with a clear guarantee commitment, complete documents. Find someone with experience to visit the dog and her parents.

Wishing you success.