The heart of millions of lotuses in the world is the short-legged Munchkin cat

The heart of millions of lotuses in the world is the short-legged Munchkin cat

I can say munchkin cat One of the cutest cats in the world. Thanks to their short legs and the way they walk, they feel loved just by looking at them, above all they are very calm and adorable, it is not difficult to understand why Munchkin cats are so sought after by so many people despite the fact that their prices are not cheap . up to several tens of millions of dong for a purebred baby.

The origin of the munchkin cat

Currently, information about the Munchkin cat breed is quite scarce, it is only known that this is a natural breed of cat native to the United States, discovered in the 40s of the century, then this breed of cat became extinct bred during the Second World War. World War, and only reappeared in 1983 in Russia. This cat was bred and developed as a separate breed from the state of Louisiana and was first introduced in 1991 and has been recognized by the International Cat Breed Association.

The Munchkin cat is named after children’s favorite storybook character: The Wizard of Oz. Also, the Munchkin cat is also known as a Weirner cat, Dachshund cat, or Corgi cat.

Munchkin Cat Characteristics

In addition to short legs, the Munchkin cat also has a “fat flow” gait that has captured the hearts of millions of cat lovers around the world. Originally a medium-sized cat, weighing only 2-4 kg, the same body length was 2.5 times the height, equivalent to about 45 cm to 50 cm.

The front legs of the short-legged Munchkin cat are only 1/3 the size of other cats, while the hind legs are longer, which makes the baby always in a forward-leaning position, not only that, Munchkin too She has a round, bouncy butt. The ride always feels bouncy, the body shakes, the butt also looks back with each step. The round face, the oval shape and the innocent and bright eyes also help the Munchkin cat to win the hearts of many people.

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True to characteristics and the true name is what is used to evaluate this breed of cat, so the standard of a beautiful Munchkin cat is that the right paw is short, even as short as possible, the front paw has only a few 7.5 long on average. cm, the hind legs can be a little longer.

The Munchkin’s coat is soft and thick to protect the body from harsh conditions, usually cream, grey, chocolate, black and white…

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Munchkin Cat Personality

Munchkin cats are cute, friendly with people, especially children. Due to their short legs, the Mushroom Munchkin cat cannot jump and run like many other cat breeds, so it is well suited to keeping them indoors, in confined spaces. In fact, this is a very suitable breed of cat to have as a friend.

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Thanks to its playful and sweet character. Munchkin cats are also affectionate, friendly, and calm cats. Munchkin cats know how to interact with people, they always respond very enthusiastically to the affection of those who caress and caress them, they always snuggle and snuggle with their owners and children. So, cMunchkin cats are loved by many people, which is quite understandable.

Munchkin cat care

As a healthy cat breed, Munchkin cats are very adaptable to all living conditions, they are also very easy to raise, not too fussy. Munchkin cats love to eat red meat, but don’t give them too much fat and fat to avoid obesity.

Unlike Persian cats, Munchkin cats shed quite a bit, so you just need to brush and bathe them regularly to avoid shedding.

Due to their short legs, Munchkin cats often suffer from bone and joint diseases. You should pay attention to calcium supplements for the baby, so that the baby is healthier.

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How much does a munchkin cat cost?

Currently, Munchkin cats usually come from 3 sources: cats born in Vietnam, imported from Europe and Thailand. For cats born in Vietnam, the price difference depends on whether the cat has paper or not. For children without papers, the price ranges from 10 million VND, while 20 million is the price for a child with full papers.

As for Munchkin cats imported from Thailand, cats in Vietnam are now mainly imported from this source due to its more affordable price and easier transportation, costing around 1000 USD. Meanwhile, imported Munchkin cats from the US also only hover around $1,500, the reason the price isn’t much different is because the Munchkin is quite a popular breed of cat, so it’s easy to find one. farm to import, however the paperwork is quite cumbersome and transportation is time consuming, so many camps do not choose this route when importing Munchkin cats.

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Some other points to keep in mind when importing Munchkin cats, female cats are generally 1-2 million more expensive than male cats because they are usually bought for breeding.

Munchkin cats that are in the breeding stage often cost more than kittens.

Depending on the time, cat buyers are usually different, but the lighter the coat of the Munchkin, the more expensive it will be than the other dark ones.